The Upside of Cultivating Shallow Social Media Relationships


2945559128_53078d246bBased on Dunbar’s Number we can only maintain about 150 meaningful relationships at a given time. However, according to Wired, cultivating “weak ties” could lead you to your next great job or even a new house purchase.

Our tendency to find and connect with people similar to ourselves, can lead to what author and Upworthy founder Eli Pariser referred to as the “filter bubble” and the result in an information deficit. It happens on dating sites as well and according to Pacific Standard, this filter and tendency to congregate with like minds is creating political ghettos. Weak ties, on the other hand “become rich conduits of information.”

Of course, there’s a drawback to being too connected and afraid of missing out, the article says. But moderation and careful prioritization are key with social media, as with so many other things.

In the end, we all have to decide which connections are truly valuable and which ones only serve to keep us locked in the echo chamber of our own making. Next time you go through your friends list wondering if you should remove a connection, consider the possibility that the person you haven’t engaged with in months, could be just the one to offer you the hook-up when you need it.

Photo Credit: Matt Hamm via Compfight cc

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