The Ultimate Experience


Think back to your favorite memory. I bet you remember exactly where you were, what you were wearing, who you were with, what kind of day it was, the things you saw, heard, and smelled.

Your senses play a huge part in the recall of that memory. Well, what if we took this concept of creating multi-sensory experiences and applied it to the way we design products and events?

Industrial designer Jinsop Lee has. In his TED Talk, Lee presents his theory of 5-sense design, which proposes that the more heightened each sense is during an experience, the more enjoyable it will be.

What is the ultimate experience? Sex.

Once Lee had developed this theory and the graph used to evaluate each experience, he began to keep a 5 senses diary of different experiences throughout his life. In doing so, he concluded that a good designer, or a great design, doesn’t just make things look nice, but instead incorporates all the senses of the end user.

Going with this idea, Lee has thought up some models that might make certain experiences more enjoyable. My personal favorite is the toothbrush that tastes like candy. The idea is that when the taste of candy runs out, you would know it was time for a new one. Brilliant. For more of his illustrations and design ideas, check out Lee’s website.

In my opinion, Lee’s idea is genius. Now, that the idea is out there, I’m curious as to what people come up with. Personally, I would like something that incorporates my pillow and the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. If anyone would like to collaborate give me a call…

Kira Byczekis an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Communications and English at Rollins College. You can follow here on Twitter at @kbyczek

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