The Twitter Basics For Business – Here’s What You Need To Know


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Twitter is for many the preferred social media platform and has hundreds of millions of users across the globe.

For business it’s a great platform to get up and close with current and also potential customers. It seems that the power of 140 characters cannot be underestimated. However, one thing that often is underestimated are the basics.

So many blogs focus on the more advanced side of Twitter for business, we thought now is the time to create a blog on some of the more fundamental things to get right initially.

Objectivetwitter nyse

Twitter is a means to an end for businesses and though it sounds simple, it’s true. Without a clear objective Twitter is of no use. So, before you even sign up for an account, determine your goals and then tailor your profile in accordance with how you want portray your company.

The Profile – Twitter Basics for Business 

Create a great profile that showcases your company in the best possible light and reflects all your business is about. A business that offers social media management Dubai  is going to be different to one that offers fireplaces in the UK. Be sure to include these five elements:

  • Include a clear profile description that’s straight to the point
  • The background image should show your product and service
  • Include the company logo as the display picture
  • Use your real location
  • The profile template should use a high quality image that shows your company in a good light


Finding people relevant to your business and then getting them to spread the word is the key to twitter success. According to social media agency Prototype-Interactive these influencers are the people you want to catch the eye of and are relevant to your business. So, pick carefully and don’t just add followers without discretion – choose carefully.

Be Interesting

Quality, thought leading content is the king of Twitter, so make sure that you create engaging content on the site. It can be hard to know what works initially, so look at some of your competitors for inspiration. People like brands that:

  • Solve problems
  • Provide interesting, engaging content
  • Don’t talk about themselves
  • Are generous with retweets, sharing and favourites
  • Find out the needs of their followers and then meet these needs


It’s okay to retweet things a few times on Twitter. People aren’t online all the time and the feeds move very quickly. So, there’s no problem retweeting a tweet a few times within reason.

Use Tools

There are numerous tools out there to help with scheduling Tweets and evaluation of how your efforts are going. Here are a few of the best.


Even though it’s possible to schedule Tweets with the aforementioned tools, there’s nothing like real time engagement. People follow Twitter in the moment and tweeting in the moment, commenting on current stories or trends and having a distinct voice goes a long way on Twitter. So, remember, even though scheduling works for a lot of things, you need to tweet in the moment too.


Keeping an eye on what’s trending can be a great way to reach people at a particular moment. Trends are tailored according to a region and can be a great way to get a little inspiration on what to say. Use them to create tweets, but remember to do so intelligently. Nobody likes content for the sake of content – make sure it’s intelligent, funny and engaging.


Ensuring customers know you’re on Twitter can be a real boost if you’re hoping to make the most of the site. Make sure you add Twitter badges to other means of communication, including newsletters, websites, blogs and even offline on business cards. You can even use mobile to get followers with the Twitter SMS subscription service.

Consistency is Key

Being consistent and posting on a daily basis without fail is a must if you want to succeed. Develop a Twitter plan for your business and stick to it.

Twitter is a long term game and with some care and attention and these tips you can master it in only a few minutes a day.

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