The Tuesday SMW14 Rewind


Tuesday was the day that we really dived into the amazing content of Social Media Week in all 8 of our cities. The Social Traveler continued his bike journey from Hamburg to Copenhagen, along with 8 fellow adventurers, all riding to raise money for some of the projects he has encountered along his travels.

New York began the week with a packed house, and Hamburg’s events were larger than ever this year. Here’s what you missed on Tuesday if you (unlike SMW) couldn’t be in 8 cities at once.

  • + Make Love Not Porn
    Cindy Gallop is quite the globe trotter, staring in Milan and coming back for SMW NYC. Looking at the ways that pornography causes misconceptions about real sex, Cindy is working to change this with her new venture.
  • + Looking at the Future of Now
    Technology allows us to fill each and every moment of our lives for better or worse. Milan wastes no time and begins looking into the future and present as it is shaped by technology.

New York:
  • + Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti Packs the House
    Since it’s launch in 2006, BuzzFeed has shaped the way that we consume entertaining and informative content. CEO, Jonah Peretti, describes the strategies that BuzzFeed uses and how they are using their learning moving forward.
  • + Percolate Defines Content Marketing
    Content is quite the buzzword at SMW, and Percolate’s co-founder, Noah Brier, breaks down content into 7 concrete building blocks. Some of the building blocks include audience, platform, trigger and brand.

  • + Concert Announced in Copenhagen
    Vice Media in Copenhagen announced a joint concert with Karl William and Tais following their event on Thursday — a special treat for SMW Copenhagen attendees!
  • + >b>The Social Traveler’s Journey to Copenhagen Continues
    The Social Traveler and a group of 8 others left Hamburg on Monday and the multi-day bike ride to Copenhagen continues. People they connected with through social media host the group along the way.

  • + Crafting your Social Media Reputation
    PR Exec, Claudine Moore, gives SMW attendees 7 tips for monitoring and shaping their reputation on social. Asking the audience to google the person to their left, she demonstrates how accessible your reputation can be.
  • + Traveling Through Africa with AFKInsdiel
    SMW Lagos’s press partner AFKInsider creates relevant news for African business people and those wishing to do business in Africa. On the second day of SMW Lagos, AFKInsider announced they will be launching a travel site to provide relevant content to travelers across the continent.


  • + Building Brands on Social Media
    At the Hard Rock Café on day 2 of SMW Bangalore, Samar Singh Sheikhawat gave the principles of brand building through social. Brands must be generous, collaborative, playful and personal to excel on social.
  • + Sustaining Engagement on Social
    Engagement on social is not a one-time thing, but rather a sustained effort over time. Udit Malhotra encouraged brands to make measurable and time-bound goals on social to increase their effectiveness on social.

  • + Viral or Word of Mouth?
    Which one is better? Both? Jameson Detweiler of Launchrock favors the public, viral method where founder of AppSocially, Yusuke Takahashi discusses the private invitation model. The choice was the audience at SMW Tokyo.

  • + Citizens Connect through
    Francisco Polo, Director of Spain, described all the ways that the web can help citizens connect to one another and move for political change.
  • + Round Table of Startups
    This round table connected people looking to start companies and network. Participants get advice, network and strategize.

  • + Social Media and Music
    Digital streaming of music has serious implications for artist and record companies. Matthias Brinkmann explored the need for artists to cultivate their fan bases for long-term engagement.
  • + Citizens Get Scientific Online
    What happens when you crowd source the analysis of scientific data? Good things — because so much data goes unanalyzed, putting the data in the hands of the people can accelerate the pace of science significantly.

And while we look back one Tuesday, we might be counting the Tuesdays until SMW returns. To help tide you over until then, re-watch the videos created in the NOW Studio, read the articles above and watch all the week’s Livestreamed events by creating an account with our site and looking for the camera icons.

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