The Top 7 Insights From February’s Social Media Week


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With February’s edition of Social Media Week 2015 all wrapped up, we’ll look at the highlights from around the globe. Here’s our top insights from 1,000+ events during Social Media Week in February.

1. Social’s Impact On Email Marketing (Bangalore)

One of the most popular events during SMW Bangalore covered social strategy integrated with email marketing, which explored a future where social media experiences will be specifically connected to your email inbox. Visiting a brand’s Facebook page or interacting with a Facebook post will eventually trigger a hyper-targeted email, and while it sounds like a complicated practice, if executed properly, can transform a businesses’ newsletter methodology and efficiency.


2. Internet of Things’ Near-Future Potential (Copenhagen)

the top-rated event from SMW Copenhagen discussed the Internet of Things (IoT), and how this will impact social media for businesses and individuals. IoT is young, it is powerful, and it is the future. If This Than Than (IFTTT) is a diet-version, connecting users’ social networks to one another. But the IoT potential is much greater. Imagine your air conditioner turning on once you unlock your front door, or your refrigerator ordering your groceries for you after it recognizes you’ve run out of items. There are countless possibilities for consumer convenience, and company integration.

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3. A.I. And The Hitch-Hiking Robot (Hamburg)

This year in Hamburg, we saw a Social Media Week first, a hitch-hiking robot called hitchBOT! He stared in Canada, and arrived in Hamburg for SMW. The creators of hitchBOT discussed its design, its A.I., and its speech recognition abilities. This begs the question: how much A.I. does a social robot need to be accepted by humans? Today, we don’t interact with social robots on a daily basis, but in the near future, this could drastically change. Will they work at the front desk? Will they help schedule meetings? Will they even help build massive marketing campaigns? The future of A.I. is coming, and hitchBOT is displaying technology that will play a role in how humans and robots co-exist.


4. BuzzFeed’s Tips On Emotion-Driven Content (Jakarta)

In its inaugural year, Social Media Week Jakarta brought some of Indonesia’s leading organizations and individuals together. Scott Lamb, International VP at BuzzFeed, explained BuzzFeed’s approach to creating sharable content to connect readers, friends of readers, and friends of those friends, and so on. We must relate, or find some value, to an article, video, or image. Humor, nostalgia, relevance, and even compassion are the emotional drivers, and Lamb encouraged attendees to find the topics and trends that their respective communities are passionate about, and use those passion-points in creative, fun, engaging ways.


5. The Mobile App Vs. Mobile Web Debate (Lagos)

In Lagos, “The Great Mobile Debate” shined a spotlight on mobile applications versus the mobile web, especially in an African context. Most people in Nigeria still have feature phones, and mobile apps use a lot of data, resulting in more costs and less convenience. On the other hand, Emeka Okoye believes mobile apps are an untapped market in Africa that will eventually arrive whether the market is ready or not. Think about your own business: What value would an app provide? Is your website mobile-friendly? How can your product or service reach other parts of the globe?


6. The Growth And Power Of Instagram (Milan)

Instagram might be the most popular social network today, especially with users 18-35 years old. Ambrogio Ferrario, Digital Brand Director of Nike Italy, participated in the session, representing one of the most powerful brands in the world. Nike falls on one end of the Instagram and content production spectrum, but nothing is stopping smaller organizations, and even freelancers, from competing with powerhouse brands such as Nike. Hashtags, partnerships, and posting content your target community will love is essential, and many individuals on Instagram are making a living from their massive following, which most developed and nurtured over time.


7. Technology Tinkerers Of Today (New York)

One of the most disruptive new trends in the entire economy, the “Maker Movement”, has created a collaborative world where hobbyists, technologists and tinkerers can access powerful tools and technologies to prototype, create and iterate faster than ever before. Martha Stewart joined SMW New York to discuss her drone-fascination, and the future of creative opportunities for inventors and learners. Each day, we get closer and closer to drones, 3D-printing, and other technologies integrating into our culture. Whether you consume or produce content or technology, the quality and variety will soon be different, and today’s tinkerers are positioned to become the leaders of tomorrow.


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