The Tool That Will Replace Your Social Media Agency: Likeable Hub


The Tool That Will Replace Your Social Media Agency: Likeable Hub #Likeable #LikeableLocal #LikeableHub #SocialTools15

Most smaller businesses have been late to the game vis a vis social media marketing for the fact that it requires a certain investment in resources as well as an aptitude for leveraging social media as a business tool. When these businesses do get started, they look at shifting some of their limited marketing budgets to begin on social either by hiring a virtual assistant or social media agency or perhaps having one of their younger employees dabble in social when they have the extra time. While some have been successful with these approaches, each has their own downside: Your assistant or agency might be expensive and be providing you a service for which there is no ROI measurement, or your own employee simply might not have the time to fit social media into their work schedule or get up-to-speed fast enough to be able to develop, implement, and measure a robust social media presence.

Surely there must be a solution faced by most small business owners, right?

There is: A social media tool from Likeable Local called Likeable Hub.

Likeable Hub is a unique social media dashboard and mobile app that wasn’t intended to provide mere social media management functionality. On the contrary, Likeable Hub was intended to include best social media marketing practices for users of their tool and provide unique solutions for the challenges that small business owners have with social media in terms of content creation, amplification of their content, lead generation, referral marketing and providing an easy-to-use user interface which measures all of this for a clear vision of social media ROI.

Likeable Hub is one of over a hundred social media tools that I didn’t have a clear understanding of until I did research and outreach for my upcoming Social Tools Summit. For those that read my best social media books lists, you should recognize the Likeable brand and the author of the best-selling Likeable books Dave Kerpen. You might also have heard of Dave’s leading social media agency Likeable Media. Likeable Local is another member of the Likeable family, but it provides a scalable tool solution to small businesses who are looking for an easy-to-understand and easier-to-implement complete social media solution.

Since those of you Maximize Social Business readers are probably already familiar with the most popular social media dashboards, let me focus in on those areas of Likeable Hub which are distinctly different from the social media tools you are used to:

1.) Custom Content Curation and Automated Publishing

The most resource-intensive aspect of social media marketing is the actual content creation, curation, and frequent publishing of this relevant content out to social media at the right times. Likeable Hub will literally allow you to efficiently schedule and publish a few weeks worth of relevant, engaging content customized for you in a matter of minutes.

Sound too good to be true?

Likeable Local helps and educates its clients via an onboarding process which allows them to be empowered to succeed with a social media strategy for their business. Likeable Local has furthermore strategically invested in a team that creates content in over 60 industries that is provided to customers on a regular basis. While there are social media dashboards that provide you with tips for content, Likeable Hub actually provides thousands of content ideas and trending news posts clients can schedule in seconds with their Idea Library. And, clients on their Expert and Pro Packages will see industry-specific content actually scheduled out for them.

2.) TurboPost Amplification

It’s hard for small businesses to get heard above the constant noise in social media, and in order to compete with larger brands, it is essential that even the smallest of businesses do the following things which are considered best practices today in social media marketing:

  • Boosting Posts on Facebook through Paid Social
  • Scheduling the same post to be repeatedly published a few times over a short time period on Twitter

Likeable Hub has support for these functions built in to the platform to the extent that the user simply needs to press a button and the rest happens automagically. If you were wondering, yes, that means that the Likeable Hub platform is directly integrated with Facebook Ads AND has a Buffer-like Power Scheduler built in. Plus, they’ve integrated a featured called Reverb that will automatically repeat Tweets and LinkedIn posts that aren’t time sensitive up to 5x at optimal times.

3.) Custom Mobile-Friendly Hub Site Creation

Small businesses might have a simple website, but often the coding is not responsive for mobile. Furthermore, these websites might be difficult to customize to be able to do something as simple as create a form for a promotion to potential customers.

Likeable Hub comes complete with Likeable Hub Sites, a custom mobile-friendly landing page which allows small businesses to be found on the mobile web as well as a place where they can easily launch strategic campaigns which they can then easily share through social media.

This means that even if you don’t have a website, Likeable Local will make one for you!

4.) Referral Marketing Engine

I saw John Janstch speak a long time ago shortly after he published the definitive book on referral marketing The Referral Engine. His speech (and book) are a reminder that referral marketing is an important lead generation vehicle for small businesses. The problem is that most small businesses don’t have an internal tool to easily manage the process.

Likeable Local provides such a tool built in to the Likeable Hub to enable you to easily steer your customers and friends to a Refer-A-Friend promotion built into your Likeable Hub Site, then manage and measure the responses that you receive from it.

So, as you can see, Likeable Hub is no ordinary social media dashboard ;-)

If you’re in Likeable Hub’s target audience, you’ll want to definitely try out the tool, which you can do by first scheduling a demo here.

Does Likeable Hub satisfy the requirements that your small business has for social media?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Likeable Local and the potential it has for helping your business, make sure you attend the Social Tools Summit in Boston on May 12 where you can also meet Dave Kerpen!

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