The Thursday Rewind: SMW14



The second-to-last day of Social Media Week continued with the same excitement the week began with. The Social Travelers logged 125 more kilometers in their journey to Copenhagen, spending the night in Koge, Denmark. Bangalore continued in the spirit of their theme for the week — Social Media for Social Change — with a screening of Girl Rising and other panels about the effect of social on politics and development. In New York, CMO’s gathered at the CMO summit, and Seth Godin and Robin Chase explored the sharing economy. Across all of our cities, discussions continued, ideas were shared, and people connected. Here’s a cheat sheet of Thursday’s happenings from each of our cities — and as always, be sure to set up an account to Livestream the sessions you missed!

  • + Bitcoin and Banking
    Bitcoin has remained a hot topic of controversy since its inception, and as it grows, its impact on the economy and the finance industry will only grow with it. At SMW Milan, bitcoin enthusiast David Orban discussed this futuristic currency and its impact.
  • + Wearable Tech That Reads Your Mind
    We are only tapping the surface of what wearable devices will be able to do moving forward. Neuroware, the Japanese company responsible for the cat ears that respond to your brain signals, came to Milan to talk the future of wearables.

  • + Round Table of Food Bloggers
    There’s no better place for food bloggers than sitting around a table. This discussion brought together some of the most prominent bloggers in Spain to discuss recipes, photography, and sharing.
  • + The Success of Online Video
    Barcelona talked video at SMW, asking the question, “Is immediacy important with video” — and the answer was a resounding “yes.” According to Yago de la Sotilla, founder and CEO of Glassy Video, it is critical that the video go up within 24 hours. Yago has even gone so far as to deem 2014 as the year of videos.

  • + Social Media, The Future, and Your Career
    Social media is often viewed as a potential hindrance to careers with less than professional photographs from an applicant’s college years. However, this panel focused in on the ways that job seekers can use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get noticed by employers.
  • + Femi Oke and A Connected Africa
    Al Jazeera hosted a Salon of thought leaders coming together to discuss the future of a more connected Africa. Host of the popular show, The Stream, Femi Oke moderated.

  • + Making It Last: Followers vs. Fans
    At SMW Tokyo, Director of Channel Partnerships at Fullscreen Inc. discussed how to create a community of engaged fans as opposed to a large group of apathetic followers.

  • + CEO of SAP at SMW
    Jim Hageman Snabe described the ways that the image of software giant SAP was changing through its use of social and pushing them closer to their goal of reaching one billion people with their software.
  • + The Future of Social Trading
    Karsten Henriksen, Global Head of Business for Saxo Bank, discussed their beta site that allows their online community to follow traders and create a sense of transparency in the industry.

  • + The Collaborative Economy as a Game Changer
    What happens when we change our views about ownership vs. access? At SMW Hamburg, the founders of Shareify and Blabla Car discussed the sharing economy and where it is headed.

New York
  • + Visual Vocabulary
    As we move away from a text-centered web to an image-centered web, we need to develop a more robust visual vocabulary. JWT discussed trends in images like user-generated content and the ability for content to be universally understood.
  • + Prodigy Network Launches Prodigy Design Lab
    A crowdsourcing platform dedicated to real estate, interiors, and architecture, Prodigy Design Lab will be crowdsourcing the design for its newest project, the Cotel 17 John. At SMW New York, they announced the launch of this platform that will be an international think tank, showcasing creativity from around the globe.
  • + The Great UnQuiz
    Comedian Baratunde Thurston entertained with the ultimate UnQuiz. Putting brand managers and leaders to the test, you could see which brands were powering their way through social in one of or wittiest and most engaging sessions of the week — all thanks to Unmetric!

  • + Nokia Screens Girl Rising
    This screening of Girl Rising highlighted stories of oppression towards women around the world and helped raise awareness around the power of education.
  • + Social Media Driving Economic Change
    As the tech industry grows, it creates value and acts as the fuel for the economies of countries like India. In the Drive the Change event, Mohandas Pai argued that Indians needed to think more creatively with their engineering abilities to start the next big company rather than work for it.

Thursday was clearly a big day at Social Media Week, packed with content, announcements and more. Stay tuned the final Friday rewind on the closing of the week!

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