The Solar Demand [Infographic]


Solar energy is one of the fastest growing segment in the green energy market today. As a matter of fact, energy derived from sun was the second biggest source of new electricity generation capacity in 2013. One thing most people tend to ignore is the fact that the increasing popularity of solar energy doesn’t only benefit the environment but also has a positive impact on the labor market. In 2013, global solar industry expanded by 100% which amounted to 2.3 million jobs across the world.

One of the reasons solar technology is gaining popularity is because the cost of installing this technology has plummeted over the years. Since 2011, solar panels have dropped 60% and solar photovoltaic systems decreased by 50% since 2010. This infographic on Solar Demand highlights some key stats which shows the growing popularity of solar technology and how it is benefiting us across the board.

The Solar Demand [Infographic] image solar energy growth careers ig

Source: The Solar Demand

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