The Secrets to Comparing and Evaluating your Most Successful Social Media Channels


how to analyize social channels

How to do it and Why is it Important:

You’ve done all the right things, set up all the right social accounts, and loaded them up with all the right content to represent your brand. Great, but that’s just Part I.

Finding the real value in your social media efforts is impossible without Part II – the assessment. We’ve assembled a checklist to help you gauge what’s working, what isn’t, and what do to actually do with your findings and analysis.

Start By Making a Few Lists

  • Which social networks are you present on? Rank them in order of how active you believe you are.
  • Which social networks seem to garner the most response from your audience?You can measure this in a number of ways:
    • Interactions
    • Impressions
    • Fans/followers/etc.
    • Website clicks
    • Conversions
  • Based on these first two lists, make a preliminary list, ranking each network in order of importance for your brand

Now, Ask Yourself

What are your goals with social media? There’s a big difference between wanting social to help you make sales and wanting social to help get you exposure. Use this answer to help guide your decision.

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Here are a few things to consider:

Network with the Most Marketing Maturity

Facebook – If you have budget to spare, this is the place where you should be putting it. It’s very easy to chalk Facebook up to simple likes and comments, but there are a million more ways you can leverage the extensive targeting options with ads and promotions. Trying to reach a specific sector of people? Unmarried garden enthusiasts considering a Ford? No problem.

Network with the Most Real-Time Updates

Twitter – Does your business rely on urgency? If you find yourself wanting to make frequent updates and join in on relevant discussions as they become news, Twitter is the place for you.

Network with the Most Thought Leadership Emphasis

LinkedIn – B2B companies looking to show their industry expertise can really shine on LinkedIn. Although the followers aren’t quite as prominent as Facebook or Twitter fans, you can bet that they’re far more qualified and segmented in terms of their profession.

Every brand is different. The network that works for some might be the wrong place for others to be spending their time. Think about where your customers’ eyes are and how to get in front of them. Your best bet is to have a presence on every social platform, but put the majority of your focus on one or two.

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