The Secret to SEO Everybody Should Already Know


There have been a lot of articles and discussions around the aggressive introduction of algorithms updates which have played havoc on businesses who are dependent on search for new revenue.

Businesses that have participated in black hat SEO practices such as buying spam links in the masses are the ones who have mainly been affected by the latest Google update, Penguin 2.1. These techniques were cheap and effective so it not hard to understand why it was a popular approach but that doesn’t not work anymore so let’s not dwell on the past.

Moving forward, the primary focus now needs to be on creating content. This is no SEO secret; Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google, has been harping on about great content for years now.  Google latest algorithm, Hummingbird, is the largest release since Panda and Penguin and aims to “put less emphasis on keywords and more emphasis on the context of a user’s search.”

It seems that content marketing wins every time Google update and release an algorithm so what should we do? It is time for businesses to invest in generating quality content. AddPeople, the positive internet marketing agency, have listed 3 tips to make sure you get it right!

Stay On Topic

It is important to make sure that the content on your website is relevant to your business. Blog with intent, remember you want to be found for search quires that are relative to what you do so that you can generate new business.

Be Engaging

Be an expert in field and create content that will be find interesting, engaging and educational as this will hopefully result in other relevant websites in your industry linking back to your website, earning you quality links.

Get Social

It not exactly known how much value Google puts on social signals but what we do know is that social media can help improve the online presence on your content and as a result, drive targeted traffic to your website.  Why not have a go at creating something viral?

Search engine algorithms never sleep and are updated so often that sometimes it can be hard to keep up. AddPeople believe that content marketing strategy combined with a website that is built with Google best practice (and let not forget, it has to be mobile friendly) should ensure that you are not left in a state of panic next time Google make a big announcement!

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