The Rules of Engagement on Facebook

The Rules of Engagement on Facebook

If you want to make your content sharable and searchable on Facebook, you need to have a thorough understanding of Facebook principles and the general rules that apply to content and behavior.

These rules apply to not only the custom apps people build for Facebook, but the third-party social apps we all use as well: The photo upload contests, the share-to-win contests, trivia, quizzes, polls and Facebook app tab publishers. All of the mechanics of these apps and your usage of them must adhere to the Facebook Terms of Service (TOS) – if you don’t want to risk having your content disabled or your brand page shut down altogether.

Facebook has broken down its standards for publishing content on its platform into five broad categories they call principles. The five Facebook principles are:

1 / Build a quality product.

2 / Give people control.

3 / Protect data.

4 / Encourage proper use.

5 / Follow the law.

Each one of the above categories has a multitude of subcategories and detailed information behind it. This eBook touches on some of the more common aspects of the five principles, and a few of the esoteric details you need to know in order to stay in good standing with Facebook. Download The Rules of Engagement on Facebook now. 

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