The Rise of the Nonprofit Sector (Infographic)


A recent story from Bloomberg suggests the recession may have had a lasting negative impact on our society, specifically on the cognitive performance of those who lost their jobs during this time period. Indeed, these are stressful times for most, but perhaps a gleam of hope may be taken from this dark period.

In a time when industries were on a steep decline, the nonprofit sector actually witnessed growth, surpassing that of business and government sectors. Now, more than ever before, the nonprofit industry is responsible for the health of our economy, employing 16% of the employment share of New England alone.

And with nonprofit employment continuing to grow, perhaps the key to many of our careers is to join in on some of the jobs these causes create. It may relieve the economic stresses we face, while working towards the betterment of our society.

This infographic was provided by the University of San Francisco’s Online Master of Public Administration, containing all the research needed to understand that the nonprofit sector is indeed on the rise.

The Rise of the Nonprofit Sector (Infographic) image Rise of Noprofit

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