The Psychology of Driving Distractions


The Psychology of Driving Distractions image the psychology of driving distractions

Visual, Cognitive, Biomechanical and Auditory – you must be wondering what are these? Don’t worry, these are not names of harmful diseases but in fact, these are different categories of driver’s distraction. Visual is related to your eye sight, cognitive covers your thinking part, biochemical is about physical touch and auditory is related to hearing sense. To explore them more, you need to read the infographic that describes each of these in an interesting manner. Moreover, there are other types as well such as internal distraction and external distraction. You must read the infographic to know the difference of each and how to deal with both types of distractions in a proficient manner.

What would you say if I mention that technology also affects negatively in most of these road accidents that took place in the year 2012? You must be shocked with the statement but yes it is a bitter fact. When people make use of something in a destructive and unlawful manner then definitely the results would be adverse too. The infographic answers all your hows and whys in a decent manner and with proper illustrations. Just to give an idea about the caustic use of technology includes making calls from your cell phones or sending text messages to your friends while driving can be very dangerous. It’s just a matter of seconds and your carelessness can make you history. So, it is better to be safe and stop using all your devices like cell phones, tabs, PDAs and so on when you are driving.

No matter whether you are driving alone or with family or friends you should be very careful about everyone’s life in the car and the life of other people around you. This infographic shows you better reasons to be careful and teaches you how to tackle different kinds of distractions. The infographic just asks you to be responsible in every manner you can and always drive safely that’s it!


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