The Psychology of Dating Nerves Infographic


The Psychology of Dating Nerves Infographic image The Psychology of Dating Nerves

What do we expect from a date? Or even from a first date? We spent hours imagining and trying to decide what to talk about, what to wear, how to behave and where we are going. We think and think again and make flawless plans, but as the hours pass our stomach seems to want to jump and we start getting scared… But why? Well, that’s just the natural reaction of our body to the possible danger of a bad date. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman: if you have the tendency to be anxious, your hands will start to tremble, your voice will get shaky and you feel you could almost die with the anxiety pounding your heart.

But think about it: if you are nervous, it’s because you want the date to go well, it’s maybe even because you like that girl or boy. We need to feel a little bit nervous to show it matters. However, there are people who definitely need help to control the excess of nerves. That is why we decided to show you this infographic with lots of tips to reduce the anxiety when going on a first date.

You have a lot of options like exercising to produce relaxing neurotransmitters, sleeping well to make the emotional center of your brain less sensible to negative experiences or just train by dating a lot. All these tricks will diminish your nerves when the time comes. The good thing here is that, even if after all this you still feel a little bit nervous, you can be sure the other person is also nervous and that’s a good sign. So put some nice and comfortable clothes – if you’re a girl, ditch the stiletto heels and go with something that won’t make you fall when your legs start shaking –, think about some topics that you would love to talk about and enjoy your day or night.


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