The Psychological Impact of Google Hangouts


The Psychological Impact of Google Hangouts

For those of you that is on the Google Plus platform, you have heard of the craze that is taking this social area by storm.

It’s the Google Hangout feature.

The option to build one’s audience by allowing us to become show hosts and reach different people with a more emotional message.

In my last post, I talked about the ever waning problems of the social media platform and how it has ruined our chances at creating stable relationships.

Without the option to see or hear the other person we’re engaging with, it makes it a little harder to attach ourselves emotionally to our peers.

But with the ever evolving social media, we now have a platform that can broadcast our on a personal level.

Why Are Hangouts Important?

Google hangouts are crucial to both a single brand and a multi-national one as well. Although you don’t see a lot of Hangouts happening on that level, the fact remains the same.

People grow emotionally attached when they are introduced to one of the five senses.

The 5 senses are:

  1. See
  2. Touch
  3. Hear
  4. Smell
  5. Taste

With Google Hangouts you are allowing the viewer to experience 2 out of the 5 senses.

When this happens, the right-brain takes control and does what it does best.  Allows the use of our emotional constructs to be opened up.

Seeing Is Believing

When you take the power of a Google Hangout and you use it to connect with someone that you have been interacting with through the use of regular social media channels, ie, commenting, instant messaging, and basically the ever popular “text/writing” mode that we’re so used to, and it creates a stronger bond between both of you.

Of course, Google Hangouts has a couple of different ways that you can use it.  One being that you can use this to chat privately with a person of interest and the other can be used to broadcast your message to the public as explained above.

But let’s talk about the power of private first.

It’s here that you have the ability to create a second first impression with this person.  If you have only been in contact through the use of writing to each other, then the 5 senses and 7 triggers have not been employed yet.

This enables you to to start on a level that is past that of strangers while allowing you to capitalize on a level that exceeds that of knowing who each other really is.

There is nothing more powerful than the face to face meeting.

Even clients I’ve worked with remotely often book a whole lot more work once we’ve shared a handshake, some smiles and maybe a meal.  – Shel Horowitz

This is one of the many reasons that you should start implementing Google Hangouts into your social media strategy.

It helps build repertoire, creates a more friendly environment, and strengthens the bond of relationship that you had already started with that person.

Google Hangouts gives us permission to pass the months of waiting, pass the many writing prompts, pass the monotony of only building the relationship through the use of bland social media tactics and sends us to the front of the line to a healthier psychological approach.

Let Them Know Your Name

Another great psychological aspect of the Google Hangout is a function called “Hangouts On Air”.  This has many features and multiple people benefit by even crossing their Hangout On Air into a successful podcast as well.

While the “private” Hangout can be used to get to know someone else, the “On Air” Hangout can be used to allow people to get to know who you are.

The real you can be displayed publicly for people to see, and you want them to be able to see who you are.  This is called a superstructure.

The ability to allow people to see deep inside of you.  And it’s a powerful thing.

10 years ago, you would’ve had to drove 8 hours to Georgia to allow that long distance person to see who you really were.  Now, with Google Hangouts, you can do all of that by simply pressing a button.

And not faking it.

This is the trouble some people have when they press the broadcast button to go on air.  They sense the feeling that everyone is watching them and then they proceed to get nervous and try to act like someone they’re not.

Cue catastrophe.

People can see straight through you when you are being weird.  Unless you really are weird, then it’s ok.

That’s the beauty of maximizing the potential behind this awesome tool!  You can be who you really are and draw people in, or you can fake it, people sense it, and then you end up pushing people away.

Having fear or anxiety in this situation is totally normal though.

The “changing the way you are” bit is a defense mechanism one has when they are nervous.  It’s important to understand how to control these feelings because there is a lot riding on it.

Potential relationships and clients are watching you and how you will be acting and it’s essential to control the mind in this situation.

Final Word

Google Hangouts is a great platform to make use of.  I know what you may be thinking I’m shy, but when you can talk yourself into pushing forward with this strategy, you will be maximizing the potential of the psychological emotions that draw people to you.

And building relationships and brand advocates will happen a lot faster too.

Is there someone you would feel comfortable speaking to on video?  Are you at that point in the “writing” relationship that you feel you could take it one step further?

Give it a try and you will start to see people becoming more and more emotionally connected.

And that is where trust starts.

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