The Most Awesome Social Media Campaigns Ever


Ever since the first appearance of the social media, the potential that they have for marketing purposes became evident. Once they have been used to advertise and to build the marketing campaigns, the campaigns became better and better in time and they have been more and more creative. Therefore, some of those campaigns have become true online gems. Here are some of the best and the most successful social media marketing campaigns. This is only a pick while there are tons of them being made every day.


Samuel Adams Beer

The best campaign about beer has been released about the new flavor and the new ingredient of the new Samuel Adams beer. The whole hype was about the fact and the YouTube video that advertised the helium as the new ingredient. The campaign was launched on the April Fool’s Day and it was very amusing. Not to mention profitable as the company generated tons of leads with the alleged helium flavored beer commercial.

The Bair Witch

This is one of the classics and among the first campaigns of such nature. The whole idea behind the Blair Witch Project was to create the entire buzz about it being the true story and then releasing the movie during that buzz. It gave the whole movie a notion of being real, and given that it is a horror movie, it has turned out to be a real hit. Moreover, the budget for the movie wasn’t big and the budget for the marketing was pretty small, therefore the entire buzz was created via social networks. A true example on how a great campaign doesn’t have to be expensive.

Dove Real Beauty

Dove’s campaign is not only successful in getting leads from the people that are watching it, although it has been wildly successful and people shared it a lot. However, it has spoken out about some beauty standards and the women’s idea about themselves. The FBI artist was asked to draw a sketch of a woman upon their own description of themselves and then upon the description that the women’s friends gave on them. The difference between the sketches was amazing and moving for the women sketched. It turns out that the women are their own critics. It is among the most shared ads of all time. Dove really got amazing positive social media impact with that one.

WestJet Christmas Miracle

This was a truly heartwarming story that WestJet made. They interviewed people about their Christmas wishes and the passengers asked for all sorts of stuff. While those passenger were on their flight, the WestJet bought them their desired gifts, they packed them and they put them into the baggage line. The video of people getting their Christmas presents was precious. This was one of those lovely social media campaigns that people really want to share with their friends and spread the word.

Blendertec’s “Will It Blend?”

When this campaign appeared, it caused the raise of the sales of Blendertec’s products by 700%. It is a series of videos on which Tom Dickson puts all sort of stuff in their blender and blends it. But, the range of stuff that he blends is really amazing: Barbie doll, iPad, Elsa toy, Eclipse DVD and many more. Those videos have been shared millions of times and they still are.


Domino’s Tweet

Domino’s campaign about clients not having to pay for the pizza if it is not delivered within the half an hour has been raised to the next level, using the Twitter platform and the hashtags. The hashtag #letsdolunch allows people to dump the price of the Domino pizza from the morning to the lunchtime. The idea is absolute genius and a lot of people participate in it. It gives Twitter users the feeling of togetherness and the joint action which is a really positive impact of this campaign.

Copying already famous campaigns is not a good move. However, getting inspiration to create new ones is something completely different. Some of these are the real and the unbreakable proofs that a good social marketing campaign doesn’t have to cost too much and that an awesome idea is worth more than anything else when it comes to marketing.

About the Author

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites.

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