The Marriage of Marketing and IT at CeBIT Global Conferences #cgc15


The Marriage of Marketing and IT at CeBIT Global Conferences

The Marriage of Marketing and IT

It’s “game on” for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). They are now spending more than every corporate office outside IT. The biggest driver of this tech spending binge? Big data. Increasing social media spend as well as the emergence of what I like to call Social Big Data will only augment this increased spending well into the future.

Even more surprising, big data, which now accounts for 37 percent of the marketing technology budget, is bringing IT and marketing closer – but not without challenges. Many CMOs don’t believe that their company’s IT department understands the urgency of integrating new data sources into campaigns to address market conditions. Many Chief Information Officers (CIOs), on the other hand, believe that marketing priorities and requirements change too often.

Yet for analytics and big data to succeed, marketing and IT must create a strong alliance. CMO’s may drive, but CIO’s must maintain and repair the vehicle. Todd, Merry, CMO of a globally hospitality and food service company, Delaware North, explains, “Marketing is the driver of the big data care, but it doesn’t go anywhere without IT.”

The biggest challenge in the CIO-CMO marriage is role definition. Who’s responsible for what? Chris, Curran, Chief Technologist for PwC nails it, “who owns the initiatives, the role each leader will take on, and when and how they are expected to work together?”

CMOs are encouraged to capitalize on the existing infrastructure. That is, not to reinvent the wheel, but to piggy-back on the investments already made by IT. However, it is important that the CIO navigate CMOs through these foreign waters.

Western Union, Executive Vice President of Global Operations and Technology and CIO John “David” Thompson believes that IT must navigate and survey these waters before marketing takes the plunge. In his words, “My team and I are highly engaged with marketing to understand the things they’re trying to do to drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. We have to stay one step ahead of them in order to stay abreast of the technology.”

Perhaps now is the best time for marketers to enter the world of information technology to get a better understanding of it. The upcoming CeBIT Global Conferences in Hannover, Germany gives CMOs the opportunity to gain unique and expert perspectives on the road that lies ahead.

cebit global conferences

Image Source: SensoMotoric Instruments via Flickr

CeBIT 2015 Global Conferences

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that CeBIT was included on my list of top 2015 social media conferences. Here’s why.

CeBIT, the world’s most international – not to mention largest – computer expo, is where marketers can learn to bridge this big data gap and build the necessary bridges with their IT departments. From March 16th to the 20th, the CeBIT 2015 Global Conferences will feature high profile international speakers from both the business and government arenas to not only discuss how marketers can meet challenges of the digital world head on, but also to foresee and avoid obstacles as they arise. Keynote speakers will provide corporate marketers with unique insights on how to weather storms on the horizon as well as provide challenges for the coming year along with ideas, strategies, and inspiration for dealing with them.

Some CeBIT 2015 Global Conferences that are sure to appeal to corporate marketers include:

  • Embrace Cloud and Big Data, Embrace Future (Dr. Götz Brasche) – in this conference, , the past and future of big data is fused. The explosive growth of mobile internet and social networking and the huge demand they are placing on the traditional IT infrastructure is explored. Cloud computing is presented as the new generation IT infrastructure and avenues on how enterprises can exploit it as a flexible and efficient solution are presented.
  • Creative Disruption: How Content and Context create new Commerce Leaders! (Gerrit Kolb)- in this conference, successful storytelling is presented as the key component for corporations to utilize for success. The conference will explain how contextulized content will create new commerce leaders along with how advanced content management and disruptive technologies can help drive the process.
  • Big Data Analytics Needs Big Data Governance (Kon Leong) – in this conference, marketers are shown how to combine analytics with information governance to not only reduce the risk for legal compliance and records, but also to boost the power of analytics. Marketers are shown how marriage of the two can enhance the performance of both.
  • How Big Data Realized the Impossible (David Richards) – in this conference, WANdisco CEO and Co-founder David Richards explores “mission critical” applications of Big Data across industry sectors. Additionally, a glimpse into the future is provided for those marketers eager to capitalize on the trillion-dollar market.
  • Enterprise IoT: Vision and Promise (Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, Martin Jarvis, Rick Segal) – in this conference, current trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) are reviewed from a purely marketing perspective. Three main challenges are identified as needing resolution prior to the promise of IoT being fulfilled.


I’m also proud to be a speaker and will be presenting on The Evolution of Social Media in 2015 – How to Future-Proof Your Social Business. I hope to provide a global perspective on corporate social media and a crystal-clear view of the trends that promise to shape social media’s evolution over the next year. Sure-fire strategies for future-proofing your company’s social media activities by exploiting them in the present will be revealed.

Please bear in mind that these are but a few of the compelling presentations showcased at CeBIT Global Conferences 2015. Dozens more are available and sure to both educate and inspire marketers world-wide. In addition, CeBIT Global Conferences will end the week with a new event certain to excite marketers: Rock the Blog.

CeBIT Global Conferences 2015

Image by CeBIT Australia via Flickr

Rock the Blog

On the last day of CeBIT Global Conferences 2015, March 20th, the Rock the Blog event promises to provide marketers a deeper understanding of blogging and its worth and impact in the sphere of content marketing. I am honored to be delivering the opening keynote as well as play the role of the emcee for the entire day.

At Rock the Blog, bloggers will mesh with marketing-specialists and SEO-experts and explain how to seamlessly integrate content and new media with the tried and true old school marketing methods. At Rock the Blog, you will learn strategies and goals to rise above other players in the blogosphere. You will delve into the world of blogging, and discover:

  • What motivates and drives bloggers?
  • Why is high quality original content so vital to the marketing world?
  • What can companies discover from the success of private bloggers?

Bloggers will also be privy to the advantages and opportunities that working with a big company offers.

With over 150 world-renown presenters, CeBIT Global Conferences 2015 is “the event” which will provide marketers the tools, methods, and motivation to bring back to their respective corporations and implement that knowledge to catapult their company to the next level, whether through implementing new initiatives with their counterparts in IT or improving their content marketing.

It’s not too late to register for CeBIT Global Conferences 2015! If you go to this site and enter code visitCGC15, you can get complete access to all of the 100+ events (including the party!) for only 360 Euros! Looking forward to seeing you in Hannover!

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