The Marketing Oscars: Who Deserved The Win?


The final golden statue has been awarded, pizza slices eaten, and champagne popped…but at the end of the night who walked away as the real Oscar marketing winner?

With an estimated more than 40 million viewers, The Academy Awards is one of the highest viewed non-sporting events on television.

But surprisingly, only few brands took advantage:

The real marketing winner of the night? Twitter.

Despite the many critics of its demise, real-time tweeting reached a new height tonight with a impromtu selfie generating the most retweets ever seen on twitter, temporarily crashing the site. With shares still rapidly growing, the tweet is now clocking in at over 2 million shares:

Brands took a part in the action as well:

With over 14.7 million tweets surrounding the evening of glamour, the selfie trend proved its staggering reign as a social powerhouse:

The marketing takeaway? While it’s no surprise the growing relationship between social media and pop culture will continue to be an vital assest to brands, it’s important to note that the most popular content shared throughout the evening was lighthearted, humorous, and engaging.

It was content that continued to prove the value of the human connection.

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