The Major Trend that Could Inspire Your Next Promotion [Infographic]

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 23 Oct 2014 / 0 Comment

Have you taken a selfie today? If you have, I wouldn’t be surprised. In the past few years, selfies, pictures people take of themselves using a smartphone’s front-facing camera, have become a phenomenon. Everyone from Oprah to the Pope have taken one!

More than 1,000,000 selfies are taken every day, according to today’s featured infographic created by Techinfographics. If you think the trend is exclusive to females, think again! Exactly 50 percent of males and 52 percent of females confirm they have taken a selfie.

I was surprised to discover Facebook is the social network selfies are being shared the most — I thought for sure it would be Instagram or Snapchat. But Instagram ranks fourth on the list, right behind WhatsApp, text and Twitter, and Snapchat ranks under Instagram. Does this order surprise anyone else?

For businesses, this widespread selfie phenomenon could catalyze your next promotion. Selfie photo contests, like the Instagram contest the retailer Asos and the UK modeling agency Models1 launched five months ago, have been hugely successful for brands. In just ten days, the contest which required girls to take a makeup-free selfie, received more than 2,000 entries.

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For more stats and interesting findings about selfies, check out the infographic below!