The Little White Lies That Parents Tell Their Kids (Infographic)


The Little White Lies That Parents Tell Their Kids (Infographic) image 7cedea221aaadfb5e7e6c9dc4cbe06fb 1

Across the world, most parents choose a traditional way to make their children behave: the usual little white lies. Stuff like “eat your carrots and you will be able to see in the dark” or “don’t pee in the pool or the water’s color will change and everybody will know” are some of the most repeated lies around the planet.

However, there are some other scarier stories that include characters like the Boogeyman or El Cuco, used to make the children face the possibility of punishment in case they misbehave. Nevertheless, while this is the bad side of the little lies’ tradition, there’s also a good side composed of characters like the Sandman or the Easter Bunny. The latter actually has a very curious story.

The bunny’s legend was brought to the American continent by German immigrants, between the late seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth century. But his story goes back to the ancient Egypt, where the rabbit symbolized birth and the idea of a new life.

For the people that live in ancient times, the rabbit was the symbol of the Moon and that’s probably why it became the Pascal symbol, due to the fact that the moon determines the date of Easter each year.

But, like in many popular stories, there’s also another legend that tries to explain the existence of the Easter Bunny. This story has to do with a poor woman that had colored chicken eggs and hid them to offer to her children as an Easter gift. However, when the children found the eggs, a rabbit started to run and they thought it was the rabbit that had brought the eggs.

However, today, its origin is not even relevant: parents use the bunny legend to show their children that they can be rewarded for good behavior. And like this one, many other white lies are repeated every day!


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