The Imperfections of Your Social Media Content


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As a teenager I had bad skin. As a male it was taboo to cover it up with any sort of make-up. It took me years to find a skincare regimen that cleared my skin. When I did it was an incredible relief. My confidence went up, my dating life got better. I was surprised by what a profound effect it had on so many facets of my life.

Content, like skin, has its imperfections as well.

For example, your content could have:

a. Spelling & grammatical errors

b. Too many or too few hashtags

c. A link to an article that would be of no interest to your audience

d. A negative or aggressive tone

e. A robotic tone

f. Just the title of the article with no comment, hashtag, or mention.

When something has helped your life so much you just want to tell everybody. I’m tempted to tell acne-ridden teens in public about how I got rid of their confidence-shattering ailment, but of course that’s out of bounds. Fortunately, as someone who works in Social Media, it’s basically my job to talk to strangers.

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Though I couldn’t expound to acne-ridden teens about how that “one weird trick” changed my life, what I can do is tell you how you can cover the imperfections of your social content.

The Foundation

Your marketing is only as strong as your product or service. A good product/service, like good skin, will make your marketing so much easier. It’ll basically do the marketing for you through word of mouth referrals. But let’s face it, not every product or service is “great” at generating organic growth. Some businesses just take more marketing work – fact.

This is why you need to tie your marketing as tightly as possible to the value and lifestyles that your product/service makes possible – sage advice even if your product is capable of blowing up on Kickstarter.

For example, Playboy has fantastic social content. They don’t just talk about their own (*ahem) product, they also talk about things that their audience loves.

Since their audience is obviously male oriented, they share content about motorcycles, manly drinks, supercars, etc.

One of their normal tweets:

And now, guy things:

Doing this means you’re consistently sharing content that your audience will find interesting. And it puts a focus on branding, which 39% of top marketers say is their number one goal with social media (Ad Age).

There’s only so much you can talk about yourself. Sharing others’ content allows you to “cover-up” any imperfections you may have while also tying you into a lifestyle that’s familiar to your fans.


Great articles to share, like high-quality make-up, are only useful if you know how to properly apply them. First thing’s first, sharing just the title of an article and its accompanying link is futile, as that’s what most people who are sharing that article do. You’re just adding to the noise.

Social media is supposed to be social, not robotic. Add a human voice to your content by commenting on the article, mentioning others who may find it interesting, and adding relevant hashtags.

You’ll see an immense uptake in engagement with this simple advice. Let’s take a look at this extremely popular article from a few weeks ago and how people shared it on Twitter.

About 98% of the shares look exactly like this:

Not very original is it? In contrast, the tweet below has an emotional comment and a hashtag. What stands out about this comment is that it gives the article an angle. Getting better:

A comment, mentions, and the title. Just needs a few hashtags and we’re golden:

And finally my favourite. This one has a clear angle, a poignant message, relevant hashtags and a mention:

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