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The Harvard developer who Jeff Hammerbacher says was better than Mark Zuckerberg


Hammerbacher_MG_5468_sponsor-webOne little nugget that almost got lost in our longer interview with Facebook’s former “data god” and Cloudera co-founder Jeff Hammerbacher was about his early days coding at Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg. Back in those days he says he knew Zuckerberg’s code better than he actually knew him as a person. Spoiler: Hammerbacher wasn’t too impressed with it, but in fairness Zuckerberg was distracted building Facebook at the time.

They were in a five-person survey and, says Hammerbacher, it wasn’t Zuckerberg or  himself who stood out as coding geniuses. It was a dude named Lukasz Strozek who was so good he actually helped fix Zuck’s work.

Today, according to LinkedIn, Strozek is the head of product and technology at Expedite and a co-founder of Earshot Technologies. (I dropped Expedite’s Strozek a note and he confirmed he’s the same guy.)

Says Hammerbacher of Strozek’s startup, which he admitted on stage he knows nothing about: “Man I really wish I could have invested in that. If you could have picked someone from that five person group to be the real standout I would have put all my money on him.”

(Watch the entire interview here.)