The Golden Age Of TV Criticism, Ten Must-Follow TV Critics On Twitter


Are we experiencing a new golden age of television? Perhaps. Whether you agree with the current golden age frenzy, but especially if you want to debate whether it’s true or not, join the conversation by following these ten television critics and commentators on Twitter. Their insightful, often humorous, discourse on TV is essential reading on the most voluminous art form of the modern era.

1. Emily Nussbaum

TV critic at The New Yorker

Actors who think of TV as a “step down” are the equivalent of journalists who think of social media as a risible kiddie-world.

— emilynussboo (@emilynussbaum) September 29, 2014

 2. Andy Greenwald      

Staff writer, mostly on the topic of TV, at Grantland and cohost of Hollywood Prospectus with Chris Ryan, a podcast about TV, movies, and pop culture

 TV advice: Unless you want to make a show about pregnancy & children don’t feel the need to write pregnancies or children into your scripts. — Andy Greenwald (@andygreenwald) October 6, 2014

 3. Linda Holmes

Launched NPR’s pop culture blog Monkey See, where Holmes is a writer, editor, and host of the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour

 So it’s basically a rite of passage now that we quiz female celebrities about whether they consider themselves feminists? That seems dumb. — Linda Holmes (@nprmonkeysee) September 24, 2014

 4. Diane Gordon  

Former industry insider, creator of The Surf Report (an email newsletter and blog about TV), and social media host for events at The Paley Center for Media

 Upcoming screener treat: watching more episodes of @CWJaneTheVirgin – how fab was that first episode?!!

— Diane Gordon (@thesurfreport) October 14, 2014

 5. Alan Sepinwall

Writer and critic at HitFix and host, with fellow HitFix writer Daniel Fienberg, of podcast Firewall & Iceberg

I like that Rob Reiner is acting in sitcoms again. First “New Girl,” now “About a Boy.” Can a Meathead revival be far behind? — Alan Sepinwall (@sepinwall) October 15, 2014

 6. Willa Paskin

TV critic at Slate

 I’m mostly avoiding reviewing new network comedies until I have seen more than one episode, but I didn’t hate Selfie at all — Willa Paskin (@willapaskin) September 30, 2014

 7. Matt Zoller Sietz

Editor-in-Chief of and TV critic for New York Magazine

 I applaud Fox for committing to an epic, potentially multi-season series about Jim Gordon utterly failing to clean up Gotham. Very 70s. — Matt Zoller Seitz (@mattzollerseitz) October 14, 2014

 8. Sonia Saraiya 

The television critic at Salon, formerly at The AV Club

Seriously, if you’re on the fence about SELFIE, watch last week’s episode, and tonight’s—they keep getting better. — sonia saraiya (@soniasaraiya) October 15, 2014

 9. Mo Ryan

Television critic for The Huffington Post

 FWIW the piece I’m posting today is the most I’ve written about sex on TV in…ever. Raised Catholic etc. Probably going to hell etc. — Mo Ryan (@moryan) September 29, 2014

 10. Pilot Viruet

Television/Entertainment Editor at Flavorwire (full disclosure that’s Flavorpill’s sister publication)

 You can’t claim we live in a post-racial society when Gilmore Girls & Friends are on Netflix but Sister, Sister & Moesha are not — pilot! (@pilotbacon) October 15, 2014


Lindsay Barenz is the editor in chief at Flavorpill.

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