The Fate of Social Media Marketers and Marketing Campaigns in 2015 [Infographic]

Posted by Sara on 10 Feb 2015 / 0 Comment

When was the last time you built a contest, gave away a coupon or ran a marketing Campaign on your social media channels?

Chances are you answered recently, or you may be running one as we speak!

ShortStack has been around for four years (!) and we’ve seen social media marketers and marketing Campaigns be taken on a wild ride. At first, it seemed like Facebook was the only game in town but a variety of networks have become more powerful and valuable to brands. Throughout all of this we continued to see growth with the ShortStack platform, which tells us that marketing campaigns (including Facebook tabs and apps) are still a viable way to generate excitement and engagement from a brand’s audience, grow an online community and collect valuable data from followers.

In fact, it’s pretty incredible what marketers have done since Facebook apps came to fruition. We’ve rounded up some numbers that will give you a glimpse into Facebook and social marketing trends.

Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Going Anywhere

• ShortStack users have built 830,543 Campaigns since 2011

• ShortStack Campaigns have been installed to 233,648 Facebook Pages

• ShortStack users have collected an average of 97,000 entries per day, adding up to 35,419,281 contest entries and form submissions!

These numbers tell us that not only do marketers (especially our users) kick butt, but that social media campaigns aren’t going anywhere, any time soon.

2014 Was the Year of Social Networks, Not Just Facebook

Last year was a particularly exciting year for marketers as they began to explore the marketing possibilities that exist outside of Facebook.

In May 2014 we announced the release of our Campaign Builder which gives businesses the power to build Facebook apps as well as build marketing campaigns that can be embedded on a website or published to the web as a landing page.

Businesses are already seeing the positive effects of this. In fact, Zipcar UK saw a 717 percent increase in contest entries when they embedded a recent promotion on their website instead of hosting it on Facebook. Another client who runs scheduled raffles was generating around 5,000 entries per raffle on Facebook. When they ran their first raffle on a landing page they received 6,400 entries in the first eight hours! Why is this? Publishing to the web allows anyone to enter a promotion no matter where they’re visiting from. When a promotion is hosted on Facebook that user must have a Facebook profile to enter and you’re often affected by Facebook’s promotion guidelines.

ShortStack Gets Better Every Day

We’re always enhancing our platform and implementing features that can help marketers be more successful on social media. Last year was no different and we completed a variety of upgrades to the platform.

• Added 284 new features

• Had a 99.9% uptime on

• Increased Campaign load times to be 13x faster

• Brought on  67,447 new users

• Campaigns received 190,716,827 views

• Added AWeber and Salesforce to our growing list of integrations

We’ve taken all of these stats, and more, and put them into this infographic! Enjoy!

ShortStack By the Numbers