The Fashion of Sports Kits [Infographic]


The Fashion of Sports Kits [Infographic] image the fashion of sports kits

Ralph Lauren is undoubtedly one of the most famous designers of the history of fashion, but he is also one of the personalities that most contributed to the image of sports. In case you have been living under a rock for several years, let us refresh your memory and talk about the brand’s sporty line, which was a true game changer. Inspired by Wimbledon and some tennis stars like Boris Becker, Ralph Lauren revolutionized tennis clothing with its Club Attire line.

For the restricted group of all mighty tennis stars, it was a privilege to have Ralph Lauren creating such amazing pieces. Always focused on the court, this line helped him become one of the most important designers of the 20th century and immortalized his name in the sports field thanks to the sophistication of his creations. It was like mixing the natural elegance of the British royalty, of the actors Cary Grant and Fred Astaire or of the actress Greta Garbo – which he loved and admired – with the functionality of sports clothing.

With all his work, Ralph Lauren created not only a style, but mainly a lifestyle with space for informal pieces and even perfumes inspired by the world of sports. His creativity and dedication led the fashion designer to transform the boring all-white equipment repeated over and over in the tennis field into something much more fashionable and stylish. He was definitely one of the first designers to do it and opened doors to more recent partnerships like the one established between Stella McCartney and Adidas to create pieces for tennis players like Caroline Wozniacki or Laura Robson. And that is just an example! Discover many other similar cases with the help of our infographic, from Miuccia Prada and the Italian sailing team to Cedella Marley and Adidas for Usain Bolt.


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