The Emergence of Human Media


First came the internet, then social media, and now human media. Each of these technological advancements has brought new eras of interconnectivity and communication, and with these, more power to the people.

The public has more access to tools and opportunities they didn’t have before- raising funds for projects companies won’t sponsor, making their own internet television series, sharing art and science from all over the world. But businesses can also benefit from the human media movement.

What is Human Media?

The human media movement connects people more intimately than ever before. You can have face-to-face interactions with people in China, the UK, and Ecuador, all at the same time.

Human media is about being able to connect with people from every walk of life and geographical location, and spread inspiring and positive experiences.

Traditional marketing is rapidly losing both steam and relevance, and the world of marketing has turned to online and human media experts to not only survive, but to thrive. And one of the best ways companies can capitalize on the human media movement is through Google+ and its hangouts.

Google+ Is Your New Best Friend

Google+ is essentially a free broadcast tower for your company. You have access to the entire world for free. This translates into incredibly cost-efficient online marketing. You can host hangouts on a wide variety of subject matter for almost nothing.

You can host regular hangouts and interact with current and potential customers. What’s great about this is you get to talk to them face-to-face. They can be across the country, but you can ask them, to their face, what they think about a certain product or service.


Hangouts can be private, with up to 10 people, or public, so anyone can see you. You can do anything with G+ hangouts: product demonstrations, product reviews, video lessons, behind-the-scenes tours, community discussions, Q & A forums and more are all possibilities.

You could even do a Hangout series where each Hangout you feature a different executive from the company, and they can talk about their roles and what direction they are working to get the company toward.

One of the newest and most exciting ways you can use a G+ hangout is to hold a virtual career fair, just like Veterans United did a few months ago.

The Benefits of Google Glass

Glass, mixed with the technology of Hangouts, poses a new reality of improved transparency, in-depth customer service and unlimited possibilities for customized DIY portals.

Charitable organizations and business have the potential to display in first-person the impact of customer donations and purchases. Aging veterans have the chance to visualize monuments dedicated to their services, directly through the eyes of a friend.  Or, image if someone close to you requires emergency first-aid, an experienced professional could instruct your every movement.

The emergence of this new media allows for more than visual updates, but opens the door to alter the way we perceive and process information. Human media is connecting users to not only friends, but to teachers, leaders and new connections across the globe.

The Emergence of Human Media image infographic humanmedia


The Human Media movement is a complete shift from traditional text based engagement to face to face contact via webcam. This new layer of social media provides the opportunity to reduce the physical space between users, essentially making it possible for anyone to virtually travel across the entire world in a matter of seconds.

The roots of the Human Media movement stem from Google+ Hangouts – a group video chat embedded directly inside Google’s social network. With Google+ Hangouts, users are able to chat face-to-face with up to ten people in a Hangout, host virtual meetings or broadcast to the world.

Because Hangouts have the option to stream live on YouTube, users and businesses alike harness the ability to utilize a free broadcast tower, essentially allowing anyone to become their own media company. With this sort of technology, private users and businesses alike have the opportunity to transfer their identity from Social Media to Human Media.

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