Detoxing – it’s a word thrown around a lot, particularly by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Queen of Quinoa, Gwyneth Paltrow. It seems barely a day goes by without them snapping a photo of themselves sipping a juice, applying a ‘Rise’ filter and uploading it to Instagram with the hashtag #LoveYourself!

Still, we must remember that we are mere mortals, and so don’t have the power, money or flunkies to constantly be monitoring what we put in our bodies. Sometimes we’re late for work, Pret is the only place on the way, and if we don’t grab an almond croissant then our body sugar levels are set to dip dangerously low (probably).

Which is why a new wave of wellbeing services has cropped up around the UK, where, if you feel your body needs an overhaul, companies will deliver you packages of specially created sustenance. I have already experienced a Juice Cleanse from Radiance – and found it a revelation. For three days I survived on liquid, and finished feeling like my body had been purified. Still, this was a short period, designed for the more hard-core health addicts, as a way of realigning the system. So what if you simply want a diet to help you loose weight and feel great, that lasts for a longer period?

Enter SoulMateFood. They are, simply put, your own private chef. The service offers innovative ‘lifestyle menus’ that are gourmet, delicious, and remove the temptation of snacking on pesky chocolate bars or crisps. Seriously, during my trail I had absolutely no craving for junk, even when my desk partner opened a pack of Maltesers right next to me (alright, almost no craving.)

SMF logo master

There are a range of meal plans that you can choose, depending on what your aims are. Want to shed a few pounds? Go for the Weightloss low carb plan. In training? Then the Sports Kitchen plan could be for you – after all, members of Team GB are fans. In fact, there are a plethora of celebs that are singing the praises of SoulMateFood, from Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice), to Zoe Ball and Man City player Joleon Lescott. In fact, when I started my plan, Una from the Saturdays tweeted about beginning her cleanse. And we all know the kind of figure she has.

So what did I try? Well, the one that intrigued me the most was the Paleo Plan. The idea is that you are delivered food suitable for a caveman. This means the focus is on high protein meals – the same as our ancestors used to hunt and forage for. Wild-caught meat, eggs, seafood, and some of those nuts and berries that were nature’s bounty.

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So, how did I find my six days living as a caveman? Here are some of the best bits…

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