In this new series Rebecca Anne Milford tests out some of the best detox and cleanses that can be delivered to your home – and tells you how she got on first hand!

So January is over. There’s not quite the same squeeze in the gym, and we’re all allowing ourselves dessert, finally. But just because our resolutions are waning slightly then it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking after our bodies. In fact, surely a detox shouldn’t just be for the beginning on the year?

I’d consider myself a healthy person – I try to include super-foods in my diet where possible, and I exercise regularly. Still, the juice I’m most likely to be sipping on come the weekend is tomato, with a hefty slug of vodka. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a detox, but wondered if it would actually be possible to fit it in with my lifestyle. So, with that in mind I am going to be testing a number of the varieties available – from pure juices, eating like a caveman, to raw health. Will I see a difference? Will I feel glowing? And just how easy are they to assimilate into the every day lifestyle of a modern woman?

I shall be testing them and letting you know first hand.

So, first up – let’s really go for it, with a RADIANCE CLEANSE.

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What is it: This all-purpose cleanse will see me spend three days surviving on pure fruit and vegetable juices – five a day, to be precise. Combining tried and tested juices with a nut milk for added protein, it’s a chance to detoxify myself, give the gut the break it needs, and  generally get my body onto the right track.

Day One:

The day of the cleanse begins! My delivery arrived at 8pm last night via courier and couldn’t have been easier. There’s a large white box, inside which is a very exciting coal-black cool-bag which will certainly come in useful for transporting my treasured juices. Opening up the package I felt like a kid at Christmas – inside, laid out neatly, are five juices for each day in varying jewel-bright tones. The lids are all labeled and my love of order and routine is certainly appeased. I put them in the fridge as instructed, and now when I open the door my next three days of goodness shine back at me.

7.30am – I have some hot water and lemon to help cleanse the system – apparently this does wonders for the liver. I’m used to starting the day in this way, although usually it’s accompanied by an espresso. Can’t wait to get started with the juicing…

8.30am – It’s time for the first juice! Luckily the sunshine-yellow bottle takes my mind off the caffeine craving that I have, and I open No. 1 – Ginger Lemonade. It has a real kick from the fresh lemon and pieces of ginger swirling around. We’re encouraged to chew when possible, so I get a lovely heat from the ginger shavings.

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