The Definitive Guide to Live Tweeting


Image“Much speech is one thing, well-timed speech is another.”

It’s safe to say that Sophocles wasn’t referring to Twitter when he first wrote this phrase, but little did he know how relevant it would be to us today.

Building on these profound words, we can now determine that it is not just well-timed speech, but information, coupled with timeliness, that is the fuel we survive on in our social media world. Live tweeting, much like a modern day Oedipus, has become the gold standard among brands.  The only tragedy here, however, is not live tweeting well.

Live tweeting can take place along a number of avenues, but the destination is always the same: delivering relevant information to an audience for an allocated amount of time. Whether it’s is a  television show or your own event,  live tweeting can increase your audience, boost your engagement, and connect you with similar users.

Here are a few tips to help make your next live tweet session a success:

1. Include a hashtag.

If you are live tweeting an event that already has a hashtag, like#Oscars2014, #SB48, or #GoTSeason4, then use it! This not only helps your audience understand your agenda, but loops your content in with the Twitter community that has already joined this conversation. If you are hosting your own event, like a Q&A or a fund-raiser, create a unique hashtag. This will serve the same purpose and allow for easy tracking of people that contribute to the dialogue.

2. Use quotes.

Quotes can set the tone for an event. If you are listening to a press conference, watching a television show, or listening to a panel, a direct quote is a quick and simple way to let the audience know what is going on.

3. Paint a picture.

Tell us what is happening in the room; we may not be there to see for ourselves.  Help paint the picture by describing the situation. (#ProTip: Use photos.) Highlight major events, key findings, or general updates.

4. Stay on your toes.

Pay attention. You never know when something unique is going to happen; if you aren’t ready to react, you may be too late. I would even recommend taking notes on paper before transferring the information to Twitter.

5. Interact with others.

Remember: Twitter is a two-way street. Interact with others who are involved in the same conversation through retweets and replies.  Follow those who are active in the conversation.

6. Don’t overpopulate.

Respect the timeline. Keep your audience in the loop without being a total nuisance to the people who aren’t interested. Pick and choose your spots to tweet and take some time in between each post. Too many tweets  in a row is an eyesore for most Twitter users.

There are serious benefits to live tweeting. It can give you or your brand a voice, inject that voice into popular conversations, and help to develop a current and timely reputation.

I actually live tweeted this blog.

What are your tips for live tweeting?

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