The business case for content marketing consistency


content marketing consistency

Today I am going to explain the importance of content marketing consistency but it is going to come from an unusual place, a young Korean woman.

This outstanding person was one of my favorite employees when I was in the corporate world. She was such an impressive young woman. Poised, savvy, articulate, with two advanced degrees from national universities. And yet, she was struggling on the job in one very important way.

In an effort to give her exposure and opportunities to network at high levels in the company, I brought her along to executive level meetings. But when she got into these meetings she froze up. She would never say a word.

I was frustrated because I was proud of her and I wanted to see her rise up through the company but if she never contributed a single idea or thought, that was not going to happen.

The reasons behind this silence were complex of course and we eventually figured it out together, but the point I am making is that the people who were remembered from those executive meetings, the ones who made an impact, were those who had something to say.

You’re not going to make an impact if you’re not a consistent contributor.

Content marketing consistency

It works the same way on the web. To be known, heard, and respected, you have to pipe up and say something on a consistent basis — whether you are developing a company brand or a personal brand.

This does not necessarily mean blogging every day. There are lots of ways you can show up through your content.

  • Commenting on a blog, video or podcast can lead to amazing benefits.
  • Connecting through Instagram photos, LinkedIn updates, and YouTube videos are great ways to provide a consistent presence.
  •  Even re-tweeting great information and links is an example of micro-content that can keep you connected in a consistent way.

Show up and contribute content consistently. That’s what leads to awareness, trust, and relationships that create business benefits.

What is your experience when it comes to content consistency?

Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and Shawn Rossi.

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