The Best Ways to Target your Ideal Client with Facebook Ads

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The Best Ways to Target your Ideal Client with Facebook Ads

There are thousands of people in your immediate area on Facebook every day. And you can reach exactly who you want for your business with Facebook Ads!

It’s a huge “secret weapon” opportunity for many businesses because it’s a unique resource to zero in on possible customers. No other ad service accessible now at reasonable costs lets you target this granularly, and Facebook has made it pretty “easy” with ads that you can purchase to reach your ideal potential customers. However, to reach your target audience, first you must learn how to navigate the ads dashboard.

Facebook created the Ad’s Manager to allow business owners to reach specific consumers from amongst the millions on the social media platform. On the dashboard you can choose a variety of options that narrows or broadens the reach of your ad. To reach your target audience you want to key in on key factors such as: location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. These basic criteria help Facebook narrow the audience so that your ad reaches the right people that matter to your business. It’s a key advantage Facebook offers over many ad platforms, Facebook knows and has so much data on each user! It’s a treasure trove of data insight and using it well can help you zero in and deliver ads to just your ideal audience.

Finding the Right Audience

Without an audience, no ad will ever be successful. However, just tossing out an ad on Facebook won’t get you very far because it will be too broad. To have a successful ad campaign, you must first narrow your audience. Narrowing your audience allows you to put your ad in front of your target consumers. But how do you do this?


First look at location. For some businesses, this is a very important step in creating a Facebook ad. The location allows you to focus on people who are near your business. This can increase face to face interactions with your audience or draw more interest to your posts. You can target cities, states or select a radius that matches your IP location or a radius around your zip code.


People on Facebook love to share things about themselves. People share details about what interests them, pages they’ve liked, schools they’ve attended and more. Facebook makes use of this information by gathering this data and using it to help you reach your target audience. You can reach male or female, narrow down by age range and combine with location, marital status, education level, and more to hone in on a audience.


Then, get even more precise by adding “Interests” as a factor in who to reach. People who have similar interests tend to join and participate in groups on Facebook. This and more factors into the ad targeting process. The ads tool will suggest keyword interests of users and you simply need to know and find out some of your clients interests to be able to target people like them. This will then help you target those who participate or like areas related to those keywords. You can even target fans of competitor Pages, job titles, and more.


Even though the world exists outside Facebook, those activities still affect how Facebook narrows down an audience. Because people often post about what they are doing offline, Facebook uses these behaviors to help you reach your target audience too. So you could reach people who are attending college or just those with four-year degrees. Those that use iPhones or iPads, etc, etc.

So how does this all work together?

Facebook collects information about every user and then analyzes it. So when you want your ad to target basketball shoes for kids, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that like the Lobos and UCLA college teams, Facebook narrows down the location to Santa Fe, begins to sort through interests, demographics, and behaviors to find parents of kids who play basketball.

But there’s more!

Once you have the basics down, then you can begin to use other features of Facebook ads that you might not have noticed.

Life Events

Facebook makes it easy for people to share major events in their lives. From getting a new job to having their first child, Facebooks wants to help celebrate it. This information is very useful for businesses. For instance, if your business sells furniture, you might want to target people who are newlywed or newly engaged as these people might be searching for furniture in the near future.

Customer Loyalty

Another great feature of the Facebook ad tool is building your own custom audience. To encourage customers to like your business page you can create special offers only for those who have clicked the like button and follow your posts. It’s a great reward for just a few simple keystrokes. Plus everyone likes to get something special.

Lookalike Audiences

Sometimes it takes a while to build your Facebook audience but the ad tool has ways to grow your customer base quickly. Simply upload your existing customer list of email addresses. Facebook analyzes those people on Facebook and creates a similar or “Lookalike” audience for you of the same type of people! What this means is your ads will search for users with similar traits to those who are already your customers!


Now if you really want to be creative with your ads, you can use the ad tool to create layered targeting options. These options allow you to narrow down who sees your ad by choosing several of the behaviors and interests in each category. This narrows down your target audience so that you are reaching your exact specifications. This can be a very efficient tool as your audience grows.

So as you can see the ad tool is an effective way to create precisely targeted ads for your business. You can start with simple formats that help you build your core consumers. As your business grows, you might want to narrow down your ad focus by using different features. This allows you to create an ad campaign that targets the demographics, location, interests and behaviors that you would like to focus on. Your ideal client is out there waiting, use some of these techniques and find them!

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