Hidden away in Bank, you will find Coq d’Argent resting on the rooftop of No.1 Poultry. Two chic and subtle elevators will take you to the rooftop of this beguiling restaurant, where you will enter decking, greenery, and a refined atmosphere. 

Join The Crowd

An elegant and sophisticated crowd circulate here, so expect a few suits dotted around the establishment. The atmosphere you receive depends on where you’re situated at Coq d’Argent. We were seated at the Bar and Grill area, parallel to the restaurant. Both have a completely different vibe. At the restaurant section there is much more chatter and louder crowds of groups catching up on their day. On the other hand, the Grill provided a much more intimate setting.

Scene It

It feels as if Coq d’Argent has different sections because of its clever layout. Each section is separate from the other and in its own bubble. There is an outdoor and indoor area for the Grill. The outdoor is decorated with green plants and large flame burner heaters. Just looking at the flames made us feel warm throughout- this is probably our favourite place to sit and enjoy a more relaxed meal.

If you’re looking to just drop by for a drink then the bar area has comfortable seating with a few tables provided with soft blankets- you’ll never want to leave if you wrap yourself up in these. Here, you’ll also find a mix of both the Grill and Restaurant crowd.

The bar is an island next to the Grill area, causing a further separation of both Restaurant and Grill. Placed strategically, the bar seems to be the focal point in Coq d’Argent. We were served by Justina and made to feel most welcome. Her comforting mannerisms and honest opinions aided in our decision making. The question of whether to eat snails or to not eat snails!

 restaurant interior

Taste Of France – Bon Appétit

Before starting the meal we sat down in the friendly vibe of the bar and enjoyed a few cocktails. My favourite by far was the Just How We Like It for £11.75. The concoction was served in a long glass and was whiter than snow. This tasting from the winter menu easily spiced up the evening with pink pepper, Anejo rum, Cherry liquor, Crème de cacao white, Femet Branca, heavy cream and nutmeg. The pink pepper decorated the base of the cocktail, allowing you to appreciate the strong smell of the spices when taking a sip.

The evening at Coq d’Argent passed us quickly as the food was so mesmerising that we lost all sense of time. We began our meal in an auspicious way – this just means we tried something new and thankfully liked it – if you’ve ever wanted to try petit gris (snails), a French delicacy, or are curious to the idea then we recommend Coq d’Argent as the best place to get your first experience of the flavour. This is where Justina was most helpful as she guided us through the correct cutlery without causing embarrassment and made me feel most at ease. The snails were surprisingly thick in texture and deliciously garlicky to the end. To cleanse the palette the starters ended with lime sorbet- this rid us of any garlic remnants.

Coq dArgent

The main dish we went for was Agneu: slow braised lamb shank, rosemary and garlic sauce with pomme purée. The meat instantly fell of the lamb bone as we put our forks through, clear evidence of how well-cooked it was. If something could fall to perfection, this would be it. The sommelier kindly assisted us in finding a wine to complement the main and helped us make the perfect choice. Malbec red added a taste of something light and fruity, and we were advised that it would go well with the lamb as it’s quite a young wine.

There are a few dishes that everyone knows are French and one of them is my favourite kind of dessert- Crème Brule. The cream itself was quite thick in texture but light on the tongue. The second the charred top hit the tongue you could instantly tell it was made to perfection. This Vanilla Crème Brûlée was accompanied by two pistachio madeleines which went perfectly.

If your evenings are booked up then you’re not at a loss- Coq d’Argent serves brunch at the restaurant on Saturdays and breakfast from Monday to Friday, which we know is going to be a hit with you because it has been voted as one of the best in the city. Head to Coq d’Argent for a truly friendly, delicious and adventurous dining experience.

No.1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ
+44 (0) 20 7395 5000

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