The Benefit of Starting a Creative Circle


In his book The Accidental Creative, business creativity expert Todd Henry reminds us that relationships are some of our most valuable creative resources. One way to enrich them is through creative circles – a small meetup of people who want to share inspiration and be accountable for their work. Start your circle with these three questions:

  • What are you working on? This can be your full-time job or a personal project. It gives everyone an idea of your work and can provide valuable insights from others if you are currently facing roadblocks.
  • What is inspiring you? See how others bring inspiration into their life and apply it to their work. Not only will it aid you in finding new approaches, but also new influences to explore.
  • What would you like prompting on? We all have projects we want to complete but can never find the time or energy. A small group can provide much needed accountability. Henry knows that “action breeds motivation, not the other way around.”

With a tendency to get lost in our work, it is important for creatives to invest in healthy, inspiring relationships. Henry reassures us that “the sooner you leverage the power of interdependence, the sooner you will gain traction on the things that matter to you.”

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