The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Couponing


Couponing: the age old task of using a small piece of paper to save astronomical amounts of money at the grocery store. Welcome to the age of the digital coupon. You no longer need a piece of paper, some scissors or the Sunday paper. All you need is a computer or a smartphone.

From store offers, to in-app codes, and combining offers in get up to 90% off and free shipping, this guide has got you covered. Learn how to find digital coupons, utilize your app to best work for your needs, and gain insightful tips and tricks to the digital coupon world. Look no further for clever ways to save money. This post has you covered when it comes to deep savings right at your fingertips.

Digital Couponing

Welcome to supreme paperless savings! The digital coupon is revolutionizing the way we save money. Type ‘coupon’ in your search engine and you can get some deals, but deep savings takes a little bit more effort. For instance, websites like Groupon give you coupon codes and promo codes to type in later at the point of online sale. Of course, there are also links that simply offer 50-90% off items automatically.

Sitewide sales will often take the discount offered off for you. ‘Coupon codes’ and ‘promo codes’ are a series of letters or numbers that have to be manually entered:

Enter Coupon codes

The website will then provide your discounted saving along with your total. Savings is instant and right in front of you!

Coupon Apps

The glory of the coupon app is something extraordinary. Simply download coupon apps and start saving. Coupon Apps are also super smart. Not only will they give you the latest codes for 30% off at your favorite store, but some have the ability to keep you updated on new sales by pinging your phone right when they launch. When a store adds a last minute coupon or a big deal the app notifies you immediately–it’s like having a sale locater in your pocket. Creatively cater your app to your specific interests and you’re in the saving business.

Groupon - Daily Deals, Coupons

Some apps take you even further into deep discounts and savings. Groupon has an interactive map where you can track your vouchers by location and expiration date. This app even lets you share deals with friends and family. In a neighborhood you don’t know and want a bite to eat for less, ask your app, purchase it right there from your mobile, map it, and go–yes, it’s that easy.

Coupon apps allow you to choose designer and high fashion brands, like Nordstrom. DIY stores like Home Depot or Harbour Freight. No matter what you’re into: makeup, shoes, clothes, intimate apparel, or bath and body products–the coupon app is the way to stay up to date with the latest offers. Oh, and food. You can get killer deals on pizza delivery and dining out when using apps with coupon codes, too.

Groupon - Daily Deals, Coupons

What to Expect

There are a few things you should know about digital couponing. If you don’t use reputable websites such as Groupon, or apps like Shopular, you could run into invalid coupons. Nothing is more frustrating than searching for all the sides you want, choosing each topping for your pizza, making sure the kids get a drink, putting in your coupon code and getting: “this code is invalid”.

Be sure to frequent websites that offer current codes and vouchers. Most websites and apps will say how long or when the coupon is valid for use. Sometimes you can get lucky just using a random one, but better safe than time consumingly sorry.

Another thing to look out for is in-store pickup. Often, stores offer coupon codes for 50% off and it’s not worth it because shipping is $ 13.95. Check stores for in-store pickup if possible. This allows you to purchase the item online, use a promo code, and get it for super cheap.

One last thing, get a generic email and attach a PayPal account. This is the safest way to shop when even big retailers are getting hacked. That way your bank details stay safe and your boss isn’t wondering why you just spent $ 300 at If you get hacked, PayPal is really good with returning money to your account and you can shut down spam pretty easy these days with social settings.