The Awesome Results From India’s “Your Wish Is My App” Contest


In 2013, the first season of the India-based “Nokia Your Wish Is My App” contest. Participants submit ideas for mobile applications, and the best of the best are awarded a wide range of prizes. Now, the results for the second season of YWIMA are in, and they did not disappoint!

Drunk Check – the app locks specific contacts on your phone that you would never want to call or text after indulging in a bit too much to drink. Users can prove their sobriety by answering algebra questions, which unlocks the app and allows you to text the night away in your loopy, swaying state.

EncycloPETia – the app is designed to help you with questions regarding your pet’s diet, exercise, or pet stores. Internet forums, blogs, and videos are a bottomless pit, and EncycloPETia aims to reduce the noise and aggregate accurate information in one place.

Bunking Buddy – the app makes playing hooky from class a whole lot easier. Designed to let you find your partner in crime, mischievous students can feed in courses and schedules to better understand the minimum attendance required.

Click here to see last year’s winners, as well as the apps that made their way to the Windows Phone Store.

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