The App That Will Make Sustainable Energy Cool



When you ask kids about their favorite things, sustainable energy probably doesn’t top the list. But a new movement and mobile platform called mPowering Action might change that.

The app is designed to inspire, empower and motivate a generation of global citizens to take positive action around the world. The team and partners behind the mobile platform hosted a panel Sunday at the 2013 Social Good Summit called “Sustainable Energy and Global Youth: Making a Complex Issue Fun and Accessible for a Measurable Difference.”

During the session, the U.N. Foundation, UNDP, Uncharted Play, Royal Dutch Shell plc, Tribal Brands and Tribal Technologies announced their commitment to raising awareness for sustainable energy through the platform, which launched earlier this year. Grammy-winning musician and philanthropist also joined the conversation, saying that in order to change the world by 2030, we need to think about solutions for kids. Read more…

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