The Anatomy of a Website that’s Optimized for Conversions


Conversion rate optimization is about optimizing existing traffic on your website. But what if you’re in the design phase of a new website?

Can you design your website to be CRO-ready from day one—so it’s already set up to optimize your conversion rates?

The key is to get the basic framework in place. The elements that make a CRO’s job easier include:

  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Usability

But to fully optimize your site, there are a few other elements you need to think about as well. Thankfully, this infographic, courtesy of, outlines the anatomy of a well-optimized website.

The Anatomy of a Well-Optimized Website


Wireframing / Structure

When CROs evaluate a website, they often start with a wireframe, which gives a conceptual, high-level view of the design. Wireframes can help you with 3 things:

  1. Information design
  2. Navigation design
  3. Interface design


Your site is worthless if it isn’t easy to read and use. To improve usability, make sure you have:

My recommendation? Read Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think.

Top UI/UX Principles

  • Design should focus on an experience.
  • People don’t read every word. They scan. Make your site scannable.
  • Simple and clear UI makes the user fall in love with a website.
  • Maintain balance between creativity and common design patterns.
  • Above the fold, focus design on gaining user attention.
  • Scrolling is often faster than paging. Consider a long-form, modular design.
  • Build nice responsive design, not just functional responsive design.

Now you…

A website redesign isn’t always necessary. Simple CRO—testing and improving over time—may improve conversion rates without a dramatic site-wide redesign.

But if you’re starting from scratch, why not design a site that’s sure to meet your conversion goals from day one?

If you could start your site from scratch (without worrying about budget or time), what would you change? If you’re planning a new site, what’s your highest priority?

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