The Agenda for The Social Shake-Up 2015

The Agenda for The Social Shake-Up 2015

Happy 2015!

I’m pleased to announce that we have finalized the agenda for this year’s The Social Shake-Up on June 9 and 10 in Atlanta.

We have sessions designed to help make you a better marketer including “Content Marketing: Creating content without diluting your brand’s core message,” and sessions to ensure that you have a handle on your data and how to use it including, “Big Data on Demand: What it means for your customers and how to keep their trust.”

Also, we’ll be lucky enough to have the CDC join us to tell us how they managed the Ebola outbreak from a social perspective. Those are just a few of the 40 breakout sessions you can attend over two days at The Social Shake-Up. 

Friday is the last day for our early bird special—buy your pass now for 50% off!

We have five tracks this year, and they are chock full of interesting, timely, and pertinent subject matter.


This track will feature such topics as how to innovate using social and digital platforms, new approaches for traditional industries, companies that are taking creative approaches to solving specific challenges, and how to drive innovation at companies of all sizes.


This track will focus on different aspects of the sharing economy including the Makers Movement, collaborative companies, and crowdsourcing for idea generation and product development.


This will explore the different ways companies get their stories in front of clients and consumers. Topics will include storytelling and listening, content marketing, social and digital communications, and contextual marketing.

Data and Analysis:

Focuses on how companies can better understand, analyze, and create actionable strategies around data. Topics will include how to use data to drive customer insights, understanding sentiment analysis, and using tools and platforms to create customer engagement strategies.


This is a new track that we developed after hearing your feedback about including more case studies at the conference. It will be an opportunity for you to learn directly from top practitioners at today’s leading social brands how they overcame an obstacle or solved a problem at their company.

Don’t forget that Friday is the last day for our early bird special—buy your pass now for 50% off! While we’ll continue to offer other deals, this is by far the best offer you’ll get, so book now and save big.

And I’ll see you at the Shake-Up in June!

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