The 8 Worst Things About iOS 6


1. Cramped App Store

Although the Apple App Store’s makeover is an improvement in aesthetics, search results are limited to one at a time via the iPhone, so you have to do a lot more scrolling. In theory, it’s smart to highlight quality over quantity, but it doesn’t always hit the mark. Plus, the layout is a bit cramped.

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There’s a lot to love about Apple’s new mobile operating system , but with any new shiny piece of technology or the software that comes with it, kinks will exist.

Apple’s new Maps app, which replaced the existing Google Maps app, a mainstay of iOS for five years, has been widely criticized since the upgrade was made available earlier this week. In addition to the app omitting transit directions, users discovered that mapping imagery included a confusing cluster of broken roads, misplaced clouds and national monuments all out of whack.

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There are a few other things that have had us scratching our heads this week, from inconsistent fonts and…
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