The 5 Most Annoying Pinners on Pinterest


Guess what? Pinterest is still a thing. A really big thing with, like, 70 million users, according to Semiocast. And with any big social media platform, there are going to be at least a handful of people who are either using it wrong, or purposely trying to drive the rest of us users nuts. Here are 5 of the most annoying pinners on Pinterest (in no particular order).

1.  Cat Pinners

Cats already took over Facebook and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, but for some reason people think we need more cats on Pinterest. Also, they are the same cat photos that we already saw on Facebook, so now you’re just doing it out of spite.

2.  Infographoholics

Guess what else is still around? Millions of infographics. And on Pinterest, there are pinners who only pin infographics. Studies have shown that only 1 out of 2 billion infographics are actually interesting/informative and can easily be followed from beginning to end. The rest are a bunch of pictures and numbers that are usually too small to read,  are entangled in spaghetti mazes, or are so long people become senile before scrolling to the end.

3.  Other Pins That Don’t Make Sense

I saw a picture of a turtle on Pinterest the other day. According to the Rules of Pinterest, had I chosen to click through, I should have been led to a quick and easy crockpot turtle recipe, some kind of celebrity turtle style, or a pattern for a crocheted turtle. If none of these things were the final destination, there really isn’t any logical reason to pin a photo of an ordinary turtle . Someone also pinned something with a bunch of colored circles. If we can’t eat, wear, or read about them, it doesn’t make sense on Pinterest.

4.  Bait and Switch Pinners

Speaking of pictures that don’t make sense, pictures that make sense but lead to a web site that doesn’t make sense is particularly annoying. From a prolific pinner (I refer to as “Mom”), “what bugs me is when you click on a picture and get redirected to another site that has nothing to do with the original pic…” So, stop using photos of Kim Kardashian to trick people into visiting your boring site riddled with John Deere tractor ads.

5.  Things That Don’t Need Recipes

Why are people pinning recipes for nachos, soup, salad, and hotdogs on Pinterest like they invented them?  People don’t use Pinterest for hotdog recipes. Plus, all you have to do is boil, bake, fry, grill the hotdog and add ketchup. If you want my salad recipe, hit me up. Also, in weird food Pinterest pinclinations, stop pinning pictures of food dressed up as animals. It ain’t right.

Peter Baxter/

With over 70 million users, there’s a good chance there are at least 200 more annoying types of pinners on Pinterest. Who annoys you the most?

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