The 3 Social Media Tools You Need to Succeed

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 25 Aug 2014 / 0 Comment

Do you have a favorite social media tool to use for business?

There are hundreds to choose from; there’s not enough time to test and compare them all! Which is why we find it so helpful when we discover a great tools list.

On Twitter, we recently came across a SlideShare presentation from PrimeHead about the only three social media tools that businesses need to succeed. We’re excited to be listed among the three tools, which also include Canva and Buffer.

Below is a summary of each tool. Reference the SlideShare presentation to learn more about how each tool can benefit your business.


Canva is an easy-to-use design tool that anyone can use to create beautiful images for their business’s needs. From creating photos for Facebook posts and ads to images for your social profiles, presentations, blog, business cards, posters and invitations. Canva is truly a one-stop shop for your business’s design needs.

(P.S. ShortStack recently integrated with Canva — read about the new feature here!)


Buffer helps businesses manage their social media presences all in one place. Through the Buffer app you can schedule content, collaborate with team members and analyze statistics from your social profiles.


For businesses looking to increase their reach everywhere, including Facebook, ShortStack is a huge timesaver. With ShortStack, marketers can create one single campaign for all of their marketing channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). ShortStack is also great for building landing pages, creating web forms and collecting user-generated content from a voting or essay contest.

Thanks again to PrimeHead for putting together this SlideShare and for including ShortStack!

What are some of your favorite social media tools? Let us know in the comments!