The 3 AM Secret Question That Drives Meaningful Success


“I want you to ask your secret question.”

That’s what Seth Godin asked the audience at the end of his generous Authority Intensive session with Copyblogger in Denver this past May. According to Godin:

“Your secret question is the one that you can ask without anyone laughing at you, and that I know the answer to but that I’ve never told you before, even though I’ve had 5,600 chances to tell you … and that if I then told you the secret answer, you’d be fine.”

Take a minute to think about it now. What’s your secret question? What would you ask if no one else was listening? What’s the one answer that you think would change everything?

Most of us have a secret question. Copyblogger provided a few examples, including:

  • How do I get people to actually read my blog?
  • How do I get the attention of that person with the big audience?
  • How do I make myself do difficult things when I have so much on my plate?
  • How do I keep my courage up when I don’t have much validation that I’m on the right track?
  • How do I know my stuff is any good?

Perhaps the most meaningful and significant secret question is this:

Are you helping someone?

In our internet-infused world, information is almost always available somewhere else. How can you help, and provide useful, valuable information where and when your audience needs it?

When you understand this at the deepest level, your marketing decisions get much clearer. You have a better understanding of what to write, and for whom.

To learn more about the importance of asking yourself your secret question, please read the full piece here.

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