The 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards are now open


Show us how you made an impact!

Corporate Social Responsibility is the way your organization gives back to make a difference in the lives of your employees, community members and the great good of the world. PR Daily is proud and excited to launch the 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, and we want to hear about how your organization made a difference this year. Get ahead of the game and apply for the PR Daily Corporate Social Responsibility Awards to gain recognition for your hard work, advocacy and campaign for an important cause.

Did you get fellow employees to volunteer in service to a good cause? Launch a successful media, PR or social media campaign in support of an ideal? Maybe your publication conveyed an important community message? What community or nonprofit partnerships did your organization form a partnership with? Did you organize an event or scholarship program in support of a special cause?

If any of those questions rings true for your organization, then you are more than ready to apply for this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

Your heart is in the right place.

Your business mind is going in the right direction.

You lead the way in corporate social responsibility, and we want to recognize this important aspect of a more global, corporate society.

There are 18 categories in this year’s program, including two Grand Prize categories: Campaign of the Year and Agency of the Year. See the full list of categories below.

Be proud of the work you do that creates good will. Share it with us!

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Eligibility Requirements

These awards are open to in-house, agency and independent communication practitioners in the private, corporate, nonprofit and government sectors. Enter your work or the work of your organization, or submit entries on behalf of your client.

Companies from around the world are welcome to enter, but all entries must be submitted in English.

This year’s program is open to any work executed between Jan. 1, 2015, and Nov. 4, 2015, inclusive.

Deadlines/Entry Fees

Final Deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015

The fee for this program is $ 245 per entry.

A late fee of $ 100 per entry may be added to all entries after Nov. 4, 2015.

Please note: Entry fees are non-refundable.

W-9 Form / Tax ID Number Request


Each category winner will receive:

  • A featured write-up in a Special Edition of
  • An elegant trophy
  • One complimentary registration to any Ragan event, webcast, or conference within 12 months of winning

The winners of the Grand Prize categories also will receive a one-year membership to Ragan Training—a premium online training library featuring hundreds of hours of the very best content from Ragan events. Find out more about the site here:

Want to know how your efforts stack up? See last year’s winners here.

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Winners will be awarded in the following categories:


  • Media Relations/PR Campaign
    How did you create buzz to amplify the success of your corporate social responsible initiative? How did you pull off the difficult trick of benefitting your cause while you subtly promoted your organization’s vital role in advancing that cause? What were your PR and media goals? Demonstrate your success in facts and figures.
  • Publication (Print or Electronic)
    How did your organization’s publication infuse your employees, stakeholders, community, or broader public with idealism and enthusiasm for your CSR? Was it a newsletter, magazine, bulletin, pamphlet or mailer? Did you use photos or videos? What made it successful? How did you measure your success?
  • Report (Annual or One-Time) (Print or Electronic)
    You spent the time and effort to carry out a successful CSR campaign. You created a comprehensive report expressing your achievements, improvement and organizational goals. How did you make the numbers and summary of your CSR cause creative and captivating? Send us the report or reports. Don’t be shy about pointing out the excellences in writing, photography, layout, illustrations, etc. Did you use print or electronic channels? What positive responses did you receive? What made it successful?
  • Social Media Campaign
    Your CSR movement went viral on social media. What social media channels were used? Were they part of a larger campaign? What was your goal? Did you surpass it? How? Tell us how your story was shared, tweeted and “liked” across the Web.
  • Stakeholder/Employee Engagement
    The power of CSR comes from within the organization. Explain how you engaged employees and stakeholders in your CSR campaign. How did you get everyone on board? How did the team lead colleagues to more success? We want to know what you did to get employees and shareholders invested in your organization’s CSR efforts.


  • Cause Advocacy/Awareness Campaign
    Sometimes, an issue or cause affects a community deeply, and the public is unaware. We want to know how your company came to the rescue for a cause that needed more awareness. What was your cause? Was it environmental, social, health oriented or educational? How did you get your organization behind this cause? What were the results?
  • Community Affairs
    How did your efforts help establish your company as a valuable member of your community, the nation or the world? Describe your initiative to get more involved with your community, as well as how your organization stepped up to make a difference where other institutions may have failed. What was the decisive element in your success?
  • Corporate-Community/Nonprofit Partnership
    Hand in hand. Side by side. Step by step. Collaboration from the start. Many people sponsor programs or events. You took it up a notch and created a partnership that went beyond a one-off donation. How did the community or nonprofit benefit you, and you them? We want to hear how your partnership yielded big results, for you, the nonprofit, and the community. Were there tangible business gains? What was the crucial effect of the partnership? Tell us.
  • CSR Event
    An event can be vital to spreading the word about your CSR initiative. Did your imagination deter you from organizing a golf outing or cliché gala event? How did you get media outlets to cover it? We want to know how this event brought progress to your organization’s CSR goals. 
  • Education/Scholarship Program
    How does your organization support education? Continuing education scholarships for employees? Educational scholarships for superior students in the local high school? Did you set up a training institute funded for people who want to work in your industry or field? We want to know how you have supported education and scholarship, and how those efforts have enhanced your business.
  • Fundraising/Philanthropic Initiative
    Your organization supports its community through fundraising. What events do you hold to raise money for those in need? What about support you offer through grants? Do you set aside funds each year to donate to organizations? What criteria do you employ for your fundraising efforts? We want to know what you do to enhance your community through philanthropic fundraising.
  • Public Health/Safety Initiative
    How did your CSR program raise awareness for health or safety? What tactics did you employ to better engage the public around a health or safety initiative? Tell us how your campaign attracted public notice and kept it over the long haul. Don’t forget to include metrics.


  • Employee Health/Safety Program
    How did you persuade your employees to buy into a new health or safety program? What did you do that was outside the typical healthful eating initiatives or safety procedures? What workplace health or safety initiative did you start or make over? How was it successful? We want to know how you transformed your employees into a crew of your most dedicated health and safety advocates.
  • Employee Volunteer Program
    How did you motivate a large group of your employees to spend time helping others? What programs did you create to turn co-workers into a spirited volunteer team? How did you motivate them? We want to know what difference your employees made in your community.
  • Green/Environmental Stewardship
    Do you have a “green” CSR idea that’s transformed your entire business, or even just one division of your company? Did you reduce your organization’s carbon footprint with an innovative idea? Let us hear about how you transformed your business practices to promote sustainability.
  • Pro Bono Campaign/Project
    How did you and your professional skills help a worthy client without your thinking twice (or sending a bill)? Did you run into unexpected obstacles along the way, obstacles you triumphantly surmounted? Let’s hear how your organization went above and beyond.


  • CSR Campaign of the Year
    How did you do it all better than anyone else? What CSR campaign did you create that pulled it all together: passion, creativity, heart and soul, and, of course, success. A part of the world is a much better place because of your determination. Tell us about it. Include measureable results.
  • Agency of the Year
    We want to honor the agency that has a history of creating life-affecting CSR campaigns for their clients. It’s more than a successful campaign. It’s a way of life for the agency. Tell us why yours is the agency people come to when they want CSR done right.

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Enter Online

How to Enter

On the entry form, include a thorough synopsis explaining the purpose and scope of your project. We ask that the synopsis be at least 1,000 words (max: 1,250 words) and include the following subheadings (when applicable):

  • Goals
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Execution
  • Evaluation: success, results or ROI

Follow the guidelines laid out in the category descriptions, as the judges will look for those items when they pick the winners.

Supporting documents that can’t be uploaded to the system should be mailed to:
Mary McMahon
Ragan Communications
316 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60601

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Are the awards open to organizations outside the United States?
Yes. Entries may be submitted by organizations from around the world. The only requirement is that entries be submitted in English.

May an organization or nominator enter more than one entry?
Yes. Enter as many categories as you like. One entry may also be entered in multiple categories if it meets the criteria. Each entry will require a separate entry fee.

Will you return my entry materials?

Who judges the entries?
Our judges include the editorial staff of, PR, HR Communicator and Health Care Communications News.

When and where will the winners be announced?
We try to announce a list of finalists about 8 to 10 weeks after the close of the program.
The announcement of the winners is usually about 3 or 4 weeks after the announcement of finalists.

Each of these announcements will be made with a headline on our website, in our daily email newsletter, and on our social media platforms. Emails will be sent to all the entrants to notify them of these announcements.

Will there be an award luncheon or live ceremony?
We are not planning on holding a live event for this contest.

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If you have any questions about this program or issues submitting your entry, call Mary McMahon at 312-960-4304 or email her at [email protected].

Sponsorship Opportunities

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities for the awards, contact Mary McMahon at 312-960-4304 or email her at [email protected].

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