The 10 Best Things We Saw On The Internet This Week


Apple released its latest OS update for Macs, which includes an improved interface and free iWork suite including Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

Someone started an edible cookie dough company called “Edoughble” and it looks delicious.

A dad and kids testing his smartphone’s slo-mo feature captured a minor, hilarious accident.

41 of the happiest songs that will instantly make your day better.

Kid President and Sesame Street team up to give you the pep-talk you’ve (unknowingly) been waiting for. They have a good reason too.

A young-stud pitcher for the Kansas City Royals gave two tickets to a fan over Twitter. They also made plans to eat BBQ together.

Never be startled by a loud, slamming door by putting small felt pads around the lock and frame area

There’s a lot more that goes into the drink you just ordered at a cocktail bar. The mixologist knows exactly what she is doing, saying, and thinking when you walk in.

CBS announced “CBS All Access” to offer fans a subscription-service full of progamming and content. It costs $ 5.99 per month to join.

Teenagers weigh in on the future of technology. Not just what they like, but what they’re creating as well.

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