Telling the story of the Supreme Court’s historic hearing of same-sex marriage case


The Supreme Court for the first time took up the case of same-sex marriage, hearing arguments that drew attention and reactions from around the nation

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Tue, Mar 26 2013 11:49:18

Same-sex couples seeking the right to marry made their case before the nation’s highest court, which took up the case around a California ballot proposition that renders such unions illegal.

From the court steps in Washington and across the country, people on both sides of the debate watched and reacted to news from the hearing. 
The hearings are not televised and live-social media posting is not allowed. But the court did post the audio of the hearing that The Daily Beast put at the top of their live Storify post about the topic by social media editor Brian Ries:
As San Francisco’s KQED radio reported in their live Storify blog covering the case, people waited for up to four days before the hearing to gain one of the limited seats in the courtroom, even camping out in the snow:
People camped outside of US Supreme Court in the snow last night, in line for DOMA & Prop 8 hearings on tues & wed ·
Jenna Pope
As the hearing went on, there were many outside carrying signs expressing their views, chronicled in this story by CNN’s Dorrine Mendoza. The crowd included one person opposing same-sex marriage:
Anti-gay marriage sign ·
Joseph Morton
… but appeared be filled with many more supporters of gay marriage, who often used humor and irony to make their point:
Could not love this photo more #SCOTUS #Prop8 ·
Kevin Fallon
This seems pretty evil doesn’t it? ·
Love this picture from the #SCOTUSProp8 rally for marriage #Equality from @AlexandraBErnst #nofilter ·
Francesca Ernst
Politicians also spoke out about the issue, and Politico captured their reactions in a story that included the voices of Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand and Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro:
Across the country, supporters of the right of same-sex couples to marry took to the Internet and changed their avatars to the red and pink equality sign as a sign of unity, as The Wall Street Journal wrote in a story about the phenomenon going viral that pulled comments from across Facebook:
Who’s wearing red tomorrow? Show your support … ·

So proud of my sons today. When they heard why people are wearing red today, they both grabbed red shirts from their closets and put them on. Equality is really a simple concept to grasp. 🙂

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