Ted Cruz Gets Big Endorsement in the Form of George W. Bush Insults


I’ve always considered George W. Bush the second worst President since Jimmy Carter left office. He made a mockery of conservatism with his idiocy, propelled the country into wasteful wars, tanked the economy, and would have nothing of substance on his resume if it weren’t for the 9/11 tragedy. Only President Obama has been worse. Yes, even Bill Clinton was a better overall President.

With his brother’s Presidential bid tanking, G-dub went on the offensive against Senator Ted Cruz, the man he considers to be Jeb’s “most formidable” rival.

His goal was to bolster his brother’s campaign, but this should act as a rallying call to Republicans that Cruz is the right person for the job. If anything, this should be considered an endorsement just as John Boehner’s attacks were considered a good thing for the Cruz campaign. Other than his support for the military, George W. Bush was a moderate. Sure, he ran as a conservative, but his actions in office included raising taxes, attacking individual freedoms, and empowering the welfare state. Jeb Bush is even more moderate.

I know that a lot of Republicans still appreciate and admire George W. Bush. Despite his incompetence and poor decisions, I always liked his patriotism and I thought his heart was mostly in the right place. However, his attacks on Cruz, while sincere, are a representation of everything that that is wrong with current Republican leadership. Those who want to save the country must stop catering to the whims of the Democrats. If we’re going to turn the country around after 24 years of failed Presidencies, we must turn to conservative concepts delivered by a man who will not bend to the left.

This attack from Bush will not hurt the Cruz campaign. It might help his brother get a little bump from the Republican Establishment, but there’s one key takeaway. Bush recognizes that Cruz, not Trump or Carson, will be the one standing from the conservative lane of the party deep into the primaries. Rather than focusing on that battle, perhaps Jeb should be making sure he’s be the mainstream candidate still standing.

Jeb and George Bush