Tearjerker Ad From Thailand Will Have You Singing Along




Let’s all repeat this together: We will not get sucked in by the latest heartrending mini-movie from a Thai insurance company. Will. Not. Cry.

Oh please. Who are we kidding?

Grab a hankie and play along. This music-themed commercial for Thai Life revolves around an awkward school kid who teaches himself to play guitar, and starts busking, to help pay for his beloved mother’s cancer treatment

Not tearing up yet? Sure you are, especially when the final frame of the ad says it’s based on a true story.

The video is a worthy entrant to Thai Life’s growing list of tearjerker ads, which somehow keep hitting a lovely emotional mark without straying into maudlin territory. Are the ads manipulative? Of course they are. But their genuineness, delivered without frills or fuss, seems to bat down much of the potential criticism. Haters are few, and YouTube fans are legion Read more…

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