Tap that App: App Recommendations from SMW NYC


This post was written by Winston La.

I have been to my fair share of sessions during this Social Media Week New York, but in my honest opinion Tap That App: Get Turned On by Mobile Innovation, hosted by MKG, was by far the best. Where else would you find music and an endless flow of jokes from both presenters and the audience? The timely tweets and rowdy crowd truly livened this late Innovate Stage event.

We live in an ever-evolving world. The telephone took 75 years to reach 50 million users, but these days an app only needs 50 days. Surveys show that 95% of Americans keep their smartphones close to them 24/7. In fact, we think more about our phones than we do about sex — we like to tap that app rather than tap that ass (lol). Dave Brown of MKG invited some friends to share and demonstrate some very fun apps that we all should know about.

Rashid Zakat, Professor-Art Director-DJ-Amateur Cook, livened the stage with his beats, apps, and moves. He told us about a little organizer called Thinglist as well as the fun music app: Keezy. The app Jukely is neat and one I learned about: it scans your music files (Spotify, Pandora, Music etc.) and recommends songs and nearby concerts. Nonetheless, the app I love the most is Traktor DJ, an app that syncs your beats and turns you into a DJ! Now who’s ready to turn it up?

Matthew Knell, VP of about.com and self-styled “Social Media Geek,” gave us Feedly for news and Buffer for all your social media needs. Sometimes, though, you want to back to old school and just doodle… only you’re out of paper. Penultimate is a handy app to solve that very problem. He also shares some of his favorite games: Plants vs. Zombies 2– where plants fight zombies- and Dots– where you connect dots… infinitely. Next time you’re bored on NYC’s subway or waiting for your next flight, keep these two in mind.

Jamin Warren, Kill Screen Founder, is a gamer. His recommendations are a long list of games: Threes!, Badland, Device 6, Eliss, Wonderputt, and Pico Pico Fighters all seemed very interesting. I was just watching and quickly became engrossed in his demonstrations. The games are all worth checking out — and yes, he likes Flappy Bird, too.

The crowd went wild for Lauren Austen of MKG. The others dished out cool apps, and Lauren doesn’t lose to them. Give your pictures of your friends some herpes and black eyes with the app Herps and Purps. Keep track of money transactions between people with Vemma. She also recommended Coco Workout World because of its realistic images and tutorials of exercise and for the girls out there, Lulu will let you evaluate your male Facebook friends.

Sometimes, however, we need to get out of mobile and enjoy the world around us. Shantell Martin went analog and reveals art: being you. Her advice: just start with a line — one big long line and keep going until you’re satisfied. The big white paper isn’t scary; it means freedom and endless possibilities. Don’t be discouraged, “When I hear people say ‘I can only draw a stickman,’ I say ‘Great, me too!’ And then I draw a stickman.”

Winston La is a senior at IN-Tech Academy and a member of the MOUSE Corps program for three years. He likes tinkering with various gadgets and odd news. Follow him @winstontla. Winston is one of our SMW Press Corps members, managed by OpenCommunications. Learn more here.

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