Talk While You Tumbl: Babblr Previews Chat Application for Tumblr


If you’ve ever wanted to instant message other bloggers on Tumblr, a new app may be coming your way. Recently launched in private beta, Babblr allows Tumblr members to chat with with their friends and followers and to create groups.

There’s a waiting list to test it out, but according to TechCrunch, the third-party application is built on the Tumblr API. It integrates with your Tumblr dashboard through a Chrome extension, pulls up your list of contacts, and lets you choose which ones you’d like to chat with. You can also put them into groups, like “co-workers” or “friends.”

While Tumblr has said in the past that its members are more likely to consume and reblog content than to write posts, a recent survey showed that its younger members are using the social network instead of Facebook, which has both instant messaging and groups. Currently, Tumblr members can only reply to blog posts.

Babblr is set to launch in a couple of weeks. Co-founders Brandon Sowers, Brett Williams, and Trevor Clarke are co-workers at social good e-commerce company Sevenly, which is based in Southern California.


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