Taking SMW13 By Storm: Nokia In Action


As we reflect back on three years partnering with Nokia, it makes even more excited for what’s happening this September and for 2014. This September, more than ever, Nokia is bringing incredible ways for you to join us.

Not only are they powering our mobile app and SMW Live, so you can take part in SMW13 no matter where you are; they also are sending 8 representatives to various SMW cities to cover the activities on the ground. These SMW Reporters know social and you’ll want to be keeping up with their shots and thoughts on SMW13. Get to know them; then keep up with them by following our Twitter list or #SMWReporter.

Getting local though, together, we’ve planned some great activities in Berlin, LA, London and Mumbai. Each city will be able to stay powered up with special Nokia charging stations, so make sure you check in and don’t miss a beat. There will also be Video Walls that showcase visualization of SMW conversation and streaming events.

See what we mean below- catch Nokia in action!


Nokia is taking our slogan to heart and are keeping SMW Berlin powered in more ways than one. If you’re an attendee at SMW Berlin, you have two tasks every day: stop by the Nokia Truck for a #SMWCoffeeBreak and grab some juice to keep you going. Serving both coffee and Red Bull, it’s the fuel you need to get the most out of SMW13. From there, you’ll want to swing by the charging station to ensure your device has its fuel as well. Then, you’ll want to hit these events.

Monday, get all you need to know about post analogue photographs in this special event with photographer Adam Roe, The Real Hipstamatic: Post Analogue Photographs in 5 Minutes. Adam will show you how to get analog photography online in five minutes, starting from a negative. Using your own negatives and a phone, you’ll get an analogue, real, hipstamatic. Then cap off your night by swinging by the Official SMW Berlin Opening Party. You’ll be able to meet some local Nokians and our team, plus grab the playlist from the night!

If you miss Monday, you can get even more immersed into photography on Tuesday with Adam’s special workshop, The Real Hipstamatic: Analogue Photography WORKSHOP. Attendees will learn how to shoot on film, develop negatives and make them digital. If you’re still searching for more photog knowledge, then Thursday is your last chance in Berlin. Street Photography Redux: Seeing With a Smartphone has the professional Adam Roe leading an incredible photo tour, highlighting how you can use your mobile device to capture some amazing things on the street. Don’t miss this.

If you’re hoping to dive in on the more serious front, there’s plenty for you. Thursday kicks off with Masterclass: Design Your Day, a very practical workshop highlighting how to get the most out of everyday and increase your productivity. If community is your focus, then Thursday’s Keynote: Making maps with the community with Reno Marioni is where you want to be.

Friday, get ready to stay seated. Starting in the afternoon, Nokia hosts a whole segment. Pino Bonetti gets us up to speed on the SoMoGlo movement with SoMoGlo Apps. Then, Nicholas Goubert expounds on the The new mobility frontier. Social data takes the stage next with Thane Ryland for How Great Brands define Social ROI and Masterclass: Measuring Social Data to Ensure Your Brand’s Social Success. We’ll round out the day taking a serious look at Nokia’s social marketing for Brave and bold – Disruptive social marketing by Nokia.

Then, it’s time to close out with a bang. Following last year’s Silent Disco, this year’s The Official Closing Ceremony & Party features a fun interactive trivia in Humans v Shazaam. You can compete to “Name that song” against Shazaam, all for the chance at Nokia Music vouchers.


London is one of our two cities featuring a fun hologram at Nokia’s charging stations. You’ll also be able to experience the Nokia Arch, an impressive installation highlighting Nokia’s product line and asking you to engage. Nokia is also behind the VIP Opening & Closing SMW London Parties, with the opportunity to download a popular Nokia Music playlist!

You’ll want to kick off your SMW London experience with our founder Toby Daniels as he interviews Nokia’s Craig Hepburn at SMWLDN Bloomberg Opening Keynote Interview: Bloomberg & Nokia. Then, make sure you pepper your schedule with these events:

+ Masterclass: People Who Do: Designing your day with Technology
+ Masterclass: Phoneography Made Easy
+ Best of Brand: Stories of FMCG & Consumer Brands and Social Media
+ Masterclass: Einstein & The Lumberjack
+ Masterclass: Social Data, Using Social Data to Drive your Content and Community Strategies
+ Why Brand Advocates Must Become Your Pimped-out Brand Army
+ How to have a Good Day at Work, Scientifically Speaking
+ Masterclass: How Cognitive Science can Improve your Working Life
+ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Social Media. Adobe, Nokia, Nissan, Visa and Mondelez share their experiences
+ Driving Advocacy via Social Media
+ Designing Your Day: Using Design Thinking to get the Most from Each Day
+ You’ve Got a Hashtag, Now How Do You Make It Count?
+ Masterclass: The Fun of Data Visualization

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is our other Golden Child, featuring the incredible Nokia Arches and charging station holograms — both of which you’ll want to see. SMW13 kicks off in LA with the World Car-Free Day Photo Tour. Attendees are asked to leave their cars behind and explore LA on foot, all while capturing it on their mobile devices.

Our LA community will get to benefit from Nokia’s expertise in imagery and photography starting on Monday, with Masterclass: DSLR No More, Camera Phone Me, where attendees learn how to maximize their mobile phones for photography. Then, Nokia Music teams up to host the ultimate SMW LA Official Opening Reception. You may just walk away with a surprise gift or two…

Tuesday we start with a conversation with individuals from Nokia and American Express OPEN Forum on how brands are leveraging social media both internally and externally for Brands Are Listening: If You Want Something, Say Something. Well follow up with a look at how to elevate your digital photography in a special masterclass: The Art of Digital Photography – Taking Your Images To The Next Level. Nokia’s Tejal Patel closes out Tuesday by showing us how to work the Hollywood scene for How to Work with Influencers: Secrets to Partnering with Social Media & YouTube Stars.

Wednesday is focused on photography, featuring two masterclasses: Mobile Photography – Tips, Tools, and Future Opportunities and How To Get The Perfect Photo: Use The Tools.

Thursday we look at video in a new way. Beginning with Trust Me, You’re Gonna Love This, Nokia Music shows us how social media is resurrecting the music star and their videos. You can round out the day and week with an intensive workshop showing how to use your devices for post-production in Blogger Post Production for Photos and Videos – Getting the Best Out of Our Mobile Tools

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 11.34.08 PM


In this debut city, we’re honored to have both our own Ben Scheim team up with Alex Oberberg and Karan Grover of Nokia to deliver the Opening Keynote Address, focused on our global theme of Open & Connected: Principles for a Collaborative World. Alex will keep sharing his wisdome later on Monday for Social Media: Global Platforms and Local Cultures? Perspectives from different regions. Behind our partnership, his insights will be especially poignant for those looking to see how global brands merge with various regions and cultures.

Monday also features an intensive class for our photography fans with Nokia’s Pranav Shroff and Anuroop Krishnan. We do recommend you check out the panel session, Music & Social Media Connect to help get you ready to party at the SMW Mumbai Opening Party.

Tuesday gives you a great way to learn how to introduce SoLoMo with Hardwiring SoLoMo to Business & Not Just to Marketing. But Nokia India wants to make sure you get knowledge and fun with SMW Mumbai. So, Friday presents both. Consumer and Social Media tackles how to respond to your base, while I got my fans now, show me the money elevates that by showing how you can monetize your social efforts. Finally, close out the week with Writing In A New Age: Publishers Not Required? to examine the role of publishers and what’s happening with e-books!

Throuhgout the week, Nokia Music will be hosting daily exhibitions featuring up and coming Indian musicians. They’re also powering the SMW Mumbai Closing Bash to ensure SMW13 closes out in style.

We know SMW13 will be an incredible week, with more opportunities for you to be involved — whether in each of these 4 cities or anywhere in the world! Join us!

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